The Most Expensive NFL Stadiums In The USA

The Most Expensive NFL Stadiums In The USA - partycasino

American football is an ever-growing sport that is receiving more financial input than ever before. Incredibly, some of the stadiums across the United States cost billions to construct.

Clubs can afford these extravagant venues by selling naming rights, among other things, which is why a majority of the top stadiums are named after a prominent business. In this article, we take a look at the most expensive NFL stadiums in the USA.

1. SoFi Stadium

Not only is the SoFi stadium the most expensive NFL stadium in the world, but it is also the costliest stadium in any sport. The total bill for constructing this venue sits at $5.5 billion, $625 million of which was acquired through selling the naming rights. Located in Inglewood, California, this stadium is home to both the Rams and the Chargers. It is also regularly used for concerts and other large events.

2. Allegiant Stadium

With a total cost of roughly $1.9 billion, this stadium is impressive, to say the least. Allegiant Stadium is primarily used by the Las Vegas Raiders but is also the home stadium of the UNLV rebels, who compete in the NCAA division. This venue was opened in 2020 and is situated in the city of Paradise, Las Vegas. When full, 65,000 fans can show their support for their favourite NFL team!

Metlife Stadium - partycasino

3. MetLife Stadium

The MetLife Stadium is home to the two NFL teams in New York, the Jets and the Giants. Ownership of this arena is split equally amongst these two organisations, each having a 50% share. With a maximum capacity of 82,500, which is fully used on a regular basis, The MetLife Stadium is also one of the largest stadiums in the world. Construction for this venue came with a total bill of $1.7 billion. 

4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Owned by the Georgia World Congress Center, the fourth spot on our list required $1.5 billion during construction. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is based in Atlanta and is the host for the Falcons and Atlanta United. With a modern, abstract design, this stadium stands out from a visual standpoint. Mercedes-Benz have a 27-year deal for the naming rights to this venue, which cost them a grand total of $324 million.

5. AT&T Stadium

The final spot on our list is occupied by the AT&T Stadium, which took about $1.48 billion to construct in 2009. If you take today's inflation into account, it would be almost half a billion more.  

The AT&T stadium was the earliest stadium to open among these five and is home to one of the most popular teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. Due to their popularity, the full capacity of 100,000 is used on a regular basis. This can be expanded to 138,084 for special occasions or whenever it is necessary. 


Those are the five most expensive NFL stadiums in the United States. An interesting stat is that the top 4 mentioned in this list are also the four most expensive stadiums in the world, with the AT&T stadium being number 7 in these standings. Out of any sport, it’s clear that NFL stadiums are one step ahead of the rest, at least in terms of construction fees!