Top 3 Most Successful NFL Teams Ever

Top 3 Most Successful NFL Teams Ever - partycasino

It's always great to win a game, but there's one big prize in the world of NFL betting: the Super Bowl. 

You can bet on NFL football online in all kinds of ways, but it's the Super Bowl, the most prestigious event of them all. 

The Lombardi Trophy is an exciting conclusion to every season, but there are some teams that have simply outperformed the rest. 

Here’s a look at the top 3 most successful NFL teams in the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Nfl - partycasino

With 6 Super Bowl titles to their name, the last 50 years have been a success for Pittsburgh Steelers. Consistency and loyalty have underpinned all they do; every coach at the Steelers since 1969 has managed to win a championship. 

The 1970s were the golden era for the Steelers as they won no fewer than four Super Bowls, an impressive feat. After winning the Super Bowl in 1980 - finishing off the 1979 season - the team would have to wait a very long time for their next victory, 25 years, to be precise.

In 2005, Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback was to prove to be their lucky mascot, finally bringing success to head coach Bill Cowher in the Super Bowl XL against Seattle Seahawks. Roethlisberger went on to become one of the best quarterbacks in the league, winning the team their 6th Super Bowl in 2008 under the care of coach Mike Tomlin.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are another team with six Super Bowl victories to their name, but unlike the Steelers, the Patriots don’t have a long and drawn-out history of success. 

The Patriots claimed their first Super Bowl victory for the 2001 season with Tony Brady emerging from the shadows in his early years as quarterback megastar.  After the first win against the St Louis Rams, they would go on to beat Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, LA Rams and Atlanta Falcons.  

The last game was arguably their biggest triumph, with the Patriots coming back from being 28-3 down in the third quarter to go on to win the match. Tom Brady may only be one player, but he's played an integral role in the success of the Patriots.

San Francisco 49ers

Following on from the success of the Steelers in the 1970s, the following decade belonged to the 49ers. They picked up four Super Bowl titles during the 1980s, coached by Bill Walsh, who was credited with creating the "west coast offence" style of play. 

Joe Montana was the quarterback for these victories, a remarkable character who remains unruffled while under pressure. But the team was truly blessed during this era as they also had legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice, often named as the greatest of all time. Selected in the 1985 draft, he found his form in 1986 and kicked 15 touchdowns. 

In 1993, the space left by Montana's departure had been filled by Steve Young, and together with Jerry Rice, the young quarterback took the 49ers to another Super Bowl where they beat the San Diego Charges to collect their fifth title.