The Coolest Features Found in NFL Stadiums

The Coolest Features Found in NFL Stadiums - partycasino

With all the action on the field, it's easy to take the stadiums for granted. However, NFL has some of the most impressive stadiums of any sport, and they play a significant role in creating the electric atmosphere. 

But some of the stadiums offer a little bit extra and have unusual design features which really stand out. Here’s a look at some of the most spectacular features found around the NFL grounds.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes Benz Stadium - partycasino

Located in Atlanta, the Mercedes-Benz stadium has an innovative roof design that can open and close, depending on the weather. 

There are eight roof petals that resemble the aperture of a camera lens when they open and close. However, this is just a clever optical illusion as they actually slide open and shut in a straight line. 

The roof is fully mechanised and provides the Atlanta Falcons with the opportunity to decide whether to play under cover or in the open air.

TIAA Bank Field

Tiaa Bank - partycasino

TIAA Bank Field is home to the Jackson Jaguars, and if you've ever visited this ground, you'll know exactly why it's so special. 

The $63 million renovation in 2013 included the installation of a spa area, complete with cabanas, sun loungers and even a swimming pool. It’s possible to book in for a spa experience while watching the game in style, the ultimate VIP ticket. 

In 2018 they added another extra to their stadium: the Pet Paradise Park. This was a first for NFL, a dog park that allowed fans to bring their canines to the game too.

Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium - partycasino

Home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raymond James Stadium has taken the name of the team quite literally, creating a pirate experience for fans. 

As well as buying tickets for the game, fans can wander around Buccaneers' Cove,  a 19th century-style pirate village that has been set up in the north end of the stadium. Weighing 43 tons and measuring 103 feet long, there is a replica pirate ship at the centre of the attraction. But if you're near it when the home team scores a touchdown, you'll need to cover your ears as it fires a cannon in celebration!

US Bank Stadium

Us Bank Stadium - partycasino

The Minnesota Vikings play their home games at US Bank Stadium, which offers an interactive space inside for fans to explore. 

The futuristic space features life-sized sculptures of some of the team’s legends and allows fans to explore the club’s history. The exhibition shows how the equipment has changed over the years.

However, for fans who want to get even more involved, there’s a VR experience where they can carry out NFL drills and test their own strength, speed and vertical jumping.

Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium - partycasino

Fans of Miami Dolphins who love going to the games but hate the hard bleacher seats have an alternative: the 72 Club. An area that’s named after the undefeated Dolphins team of 1972, the 72 Club has private screens to play back highlights and deeply padded, extra wide seats. 

The luxury starts from the moment you arrive with a personalised valet service and dedicated parking spots for the 72 Club fans.