How To Place A Bet

How To Place A Bet - partycasino

How To Place A Bet

With Party Sports, making a bet is made as simple as possible. Players can choose to wager a certain amount of their balance, which will either award additional funds if it wins or forfeit the associated bet if it loses. There are many different things that can be bet on across a huge variety of sports, including over/under goals, the total number of corners, or simply the winner of the match overall. In this article, we will take a look at exactly how to place a bet, alongside the corresponding odds. 

Placing A Bet

To play the bet itself, players must have first made a deposit. This can be done in a few simple steps, with a handful of methods available. Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are just a few examples of the available payment methods at Part Sports. After this step has been completed, players can head to the sportsbook and find the event that they want to place a bet on. Users can browse through the sportsbook to find a match or click the 'A-Z Sports' to quickly navigate to the correct category.

The desired outcome can then be added to the bet slip, alongside any other selections, if the player wants to create an accumulator bet. Finally, the wager amount can be input, before clicking on 'submit' to finalise the bet. Players should receive a success message to indicate that the bet is now live. Keep in mind that different bets will have various maximum stake amounts, which will also be shown on the slip itself. Potential winnings will also be shown to punters before it is submitted.

To check open bets, players can navigate to the 'Account' page, then select 'My Bets'. This will bring up a list of bets placed within a certain period of time, which can be adjusted if needed. On this page, players will see the bet itself, the status of the bet, wagered amount, and potential winnings. If a bet can be cashed out, this will also be found here. All bets placed are final and cannot be cancelled, so selections should be double-checked before submitting. 

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Betting Odds

On Party Sports, we offer players the choice between two different odds formats. The first is decimal, which can be shown as 2.5, for example. Should a player place a bet on an outcome with such odds, they have the potential to multiply their stake by the decimal shown. In this case, a 1.00 bet on 2.5 odds could result in potential winnings of 2.50 (1.00 x 2.5). Decimal is the most used format around the world, mainly due to its simplicity.

The next option is fractional betting, which takes the stake into consideration. An example of this format would be 6/1, in which case players have the potential to be awarded with 7.00. This is calculated by multiplying the stake size by the number 6, before adding the initial stake, which will also be awarded back to the player. 

Fractional odds can also involve the second number being greater than the first, for example, 1/5. In this case, players would divide their stake size by 5 to find the potential winnings, before adding their stake on top. With a 1.00 bet, this would come to a return of 1.20 in total. 


That wraps up this post on how to place a bet, alongside the two different odd formats that players can find on Party Sports. As previously mentioned, decimal odds are the most used format. However, some punters can be more comfortable using decimal odds. Before placing any bet, it's crucial that players carefully review their bet slip before submitting it, as all bets are final.