The Most Common NBA Betting Strategies

The Most Common NBA Betting Strategies - partycasino

Basketball is among the most-watched sports globally, and understandably, the NBA is the pick of the bunch. It has millions of fans across the world, and the majority of those fans love placing a few bets on some of the games. There are many strategies in place you can use while betting on NBA games, but here, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

The Underdog Strategy

If you want to increase your winning potential while placing NBA bets, then you need to pay closer attention to teams that are underdogs in certain games on their home ground. Teams just are more motivated in front of their own fans, no matter the sport in question.

It often happens that the favourites lose big time against an underdog team, so it is a smart move to search for these games, and many bettors make sure they do so, as they know it will bring them handsome wins.

The Big Losses Strategy

Another very popular strategy among NBA gamblers requires you finding a team that has had a heavy loss in the previous game. Teams are always motivated to show that they can do better after they've lost, so there is the desire to make sure they don't disappoint the fans for a second straight game. Usually, betting fans search for a team that has had a loss of more than 15 points, and they bet on that team.

Track Down Altering Lines

A great strategy in NBA betting is looking for the moving lines, but this occurs when plenty of bettors decide to back one of the teams in question. Punters are usually fans of the sport, so they will listen to their gut, not the data, but you should always follow the evidence and statistics, not your emotions when betting.

Favourite Team Strategy

Everyone has a favourite team in the NBA, and there is nothing wrong with placing bets on it, but you shouldn't do it just because it is your team. Do your research and check the form, the data, injured or suspended players, etc. You need that data to support your gut feeling, so make sure you get it right.

NBA Value Betting Strategy

Even if you complete the research phase and it has brought you some nice wins, it still doesn't mean that you will get significant returns. For you to increase your earning potential while NBA betting, you need to look for bets that are of good value.

Take a look at what the bookmakers are saying, and when there are days of lots of games, take a look at the ones that are not attracting too much betting action and do your research on those games. Betting in the NBA is very exciting, but you should never bet on any team just for the sake of it. As we mentioned above, the most experienced punters search for good value games, do their research and increase their winning potential by doing so.