MLB Betting: How to Evaluate Each Position

MLB Betting: How to Evaluate Each Position - partycasino

When you start out betting on MLB games, it's common to emphasise the home runs and focus on the big hitters. However, knowing how to bet on MLB games is about much more than the big sluggers. 

To be a success on the MLB best bets, you’ll need to have your eyes on every position. Here’s a closer look at what to consider for each.

First Base

As we mentioned above, it's common to get sidetracked by the big names that score the home runs and overlook others who contribute to the offence. First base is traditionally considered to be a power position that is primarily about offence production. 

You may love the home run heroes but don’t forget the players who quietly contribute with solid on-base percentages and strong home runs.

Second Base

In the past, players on second base tended to be a bit of a lightweight with the bat and better at defence. However, that's not the case anymore, and many are solid all-rounders. 

That doesn’t mean that second base players are going to be hitting lots of home runs, but you should see them achieve a good on-base percentage as well as adding some extra hits.

Third Base

Unlike other base positions, third base needs to have strong offensive skills to warrant a place in the starting line-up. But there’s more to their game than just being good at hitting; they also need to perform well in defence. 

This may sound like a lot, and you'd be right. To really stand out on third base, you need to be a multi-skilled player. Look for someone who's played shortstop in the past, and you might find a third base that has the required defensive talents.


The shortstop is the most vital member of the team's defence, along with the catcher. While they may have something to contribute to the offence, it's how they perform as a defensive player that really makes the difference. 

Look out for the reserve backstops who have strong fielding skills but perform poorly in offence.


When you’re looking at the catcher, forget about their offensive record and focus on how well they do in defence. Their batting average may not be impressive, but what you really need to know is how well the defence performs when they’re behind the plate. 

It's not always easy to identify the best catchers because the pitcher heavily influences their stats. However, you can start by looking at the ERA when the catcher is on the field.

Centre Field

Working with the catcher and shortstop, the centre field forms an integral part of the defence. However, occasionally you find a centre field who can hit well, and that can be a real game-changer. 

In reality, there usually needs to be a choice between a good defensive player and one who's good with the bat. Overall, defence takes precedence for centre field players.

Corner Outfield

In contrast to centre field, a corner outfield player is all about offensive play. There needs to be good essential defensive play, or else the corner outfield could cost the team the game.

Look for a corner outfield with a strong on-base percentage and who adds steady points rather than an out-and-out slugger.

Designated Hitter

As the name suggests, a designated hitter is about offensive play and nothing else. Surprisingly, many designated hitters also have a reasonable baseline level of defensive play to slot in if necessary. 

When you're looking at MLB betting, consider how a manager uses a designated hitter. Who will the manager put into the designated hitter spot if one of the big boys needs a break? This information could be crucial.

Starting Pitcher

Although the position is near the end of the list, the starting pitcher is right at the heart of the team. A poor starting pitcher will massively affect the chances of a win, no matter how great your hitters are. 

With pitchers, it's all about the stats, and you can't afford to be sloppy. Do your homework and know when a pitcher is on a hot streak if you want to be able to judge the overall likelihood of a win effectively.

Relief Pitcher

Although they may not be the main man when the game starts, relief pitchers are becoming increasingly more important. When checking out the stats, you should assess all of the players in the bullpen. This means knowing when and how relief pitchers are likely to be used as well as their probable influence on the game.