Top Reasons Why MLB is the Best Sport of Them All

Top Reasons Why MLB is the Best Sport of Them All - partycasino

If you're a big sports fan, you probably enjoy a wide variety of sports from basketball and hockey through to football and soccer. However, the best sport of them all is baseball for many people. 

MLB is one of the most-watched sports, with millions tuning in on TV and attending the grounds. A traditional sport that's easy to follow, here are just a few of the reasons why MLB is the best.

Inclusive Sport

Everyone wants to see the best players in their sport, and that usually means being in prime physical condition. Anyone who wasn’t born with a physical advantage doesn’t stand a chance of lining up for the top basketball or football teams. 

That's not the case with baseball, as it's possible to overcome disabilities or physical disadvantages if you're prepared to work hard. Some of the best players in MLB history had physical difficulties but learnt to develop techniques to overcome their challenges. 

Mordecai Brown lost part of his hand in a childhood accident, Curtis Pride was born deaf, and Tom Sunkel was legally blind, but all three went on to have outstanding careers in MLB, proving that it's the most inclusive sport around.

Distinctive Grounds

All dedicated sports fans recognise the main grounds, and there are plenty of great stadiums and venues in other sports. But baseball has the best of them all, with each one distinctive and unique in its own way. 

If you doubt how different MLB grounds can really be, just take a look at Chase Field. Home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, the baseball ground features its own swimming pool behind the right centre outfield fence. Fans can check out the game while relaxing in the water while in the actual ground - what other sport can match this?

No Time Limit

Most other sports have a time limit, so you know from the start that you're only going to be watching for a couple of hours. For example, soccer has two halves of 45 minutes while basketball has four 12-minute quarters. There's usually plenty of action during the game, but when the time is up, it's all over. 

Baseball takes a different approach as the game is finished by one team reaching 27 outs. This makes it much more exciting for the fans as both teams have to carry on fighting for the win for as long as it takes.

Guest Opening Pitch

Although sports should be about physical prowess and exceptional talent, they should always be fun too. Baseball never forgets that, and the guest pitch is the perfect example of this. 

A guest usually throws the opening pitch in each game, although it doesn't actually count. They stand either in front or on the mound and pitch to a home team member to great cheers from the crowd. All kinds of people have stepped up to throw the first pitch, including presidents, celebrities, actors and comedians; it's a tradition that everyone at the game looks forward to!