Top 5 Tips For Betting On MLB Baseball Games

Top 5 Tips For Betting On MLB Baseball Games - partycasino

Do you like to bet on MLB games? If so, this article is written with you in mind. We take a look at 5 top tips to consider before laying your bet. These can help you to gain an advantage over other punters that simply hope to get lucky! 

Look For The Value In Prop Bets

Trying to find good value odds may seem like common sense, but some people don't know the best places to look. Most of the time, increased value can lie in prop bets. Anything related to over or under a particular stat can be worth looking into further. With a bit of research, you can find bets that offer a greater likelihood of winning than their odds may suggest.

Betting Heavy Favourites Is Risky

How can betting on a heavy favourite possibly be a risky strategy? Well, you will be wagering funds in order to get a much lower return. In extreme cases, it may take five or more wins in a row to double your balance, which means you are depending on multiple outcomes for a significant return.

Instead, consider taking advantage of large underdog odds. While you shouldn’t expect an impressive strike rate with this approach, you only need a few wins to offset your losses and profit. Like in all sports, upsets do happen, so why not be prepared to cash in when they do?

Popular Teams Can Sway The Odds

This tends to work against casual bettors, but can be an advantage to anyone in the know. If more people bet on a certain outcome, the odds will shorten, and as a result, potential winnings will be reduced. When popular teams, such as the New York Yankees play, their odds will tend to move throughout the day.

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You can use this information in two ways. If you plan on betting against the opposite team, you can wait until just before the game, where you will likely get better odds. In a similar fashion, you can bet early if you want to back the popular team.

Look At The Weather Forecast

Another statistic that people tend to overlook is the weather on that day. Almost every sport is impacted by the heat or other conditions, but very few people check this information before laying their bet. Again, you can research which MLB teams tend to perform better under which weather types. This might not make too much of a difference in some matchups, but finding a strong correlation in these stats could be enough to make your bet a winner!

Who’s Winning Right Now?

Finally, losing a lot of games in a row can certainly affect the mental game of players. Underdogs can be given a bigger chance if the favourites are on a losing streak. In a similar vein, teams that go on a hot run of form will likely feel confident in their ability. This can greatly help their game and cause them to score more points.


Of course, none of these betting strategies guarantee a win, but they can certainly help you get more value from your bets. As long as you are betting for the right reasons and stay in control of your funds, an occasional punt backed by statistics may be worth a shot!