Brady To Retire or Return?

Brady To Retire or Return? - partycasino

Just weeks after legendary quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL at the age of 44, it seems as if a u-turn is on the cards.

The veteran player has announced that his “place is on the field and not in the stands” just yet and will return for his 23rd season in Tampa.

Just a few days ago, the Buccaneers were trying to figure out how to rebuild their team, and Brady was seen in the crowd at Old Trafford. But it appears that watching veteran Cristiano Ronaldo outperform all other players on the pitch sparked a desire in Brady to return.

Indications of a Return

There may not be any apparent link between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL and Manchester United in the Premier League, but a quick look at the ownership will reveal all. 

Two of arguably the biggest clubs in the world are owned and controlled by the Glazer family, forging a connection between the different sports on either side of the Atlantic.

It was little surprise then to see Tom Brady as a guest of honour at Old Trafford, on a night where 37-year-old Ronaldo dominated on the field. Older than the other players but in a class of his own, it’s not inconceivable that Ronaldo’s performance might have given Brady pause for thought. 

And it's not as if Brady's performance had been waning. He had previously said he wanted to play to the age of 45 at least, and in 2021/2022, he was still the league leader for passing yards and touchdowns. Hardly the sign of a quarterback who needs to hang up his boots…

After the match at Old Trafford, Brady went onto the pitch and spoke to Ronaldo in person. It was this exchange that started to spark rumours that the quarterback might be having second thoughts about retirement. Cristiano Ronald is clearly heard to ask the NFL player, “You’re finished, right?” Instead of confirming, Brady looks away, tilts his head and gives a wry smile - and it was this response that got tongues wagging.

Another Season With Tampa

Tom Brady's retirement lasted less than two months as the player has confirmed that he will be taking to the field again for the Buccaneers next season. Describing it as "unfinished business", Brady said after spending several weeks reflecting on his position, he didn't yet feel it was the right time to stop playing. 

The club met the u-turn with delight, but the decision wasn't a complete surprise. General Manager Jason Licht confirmed that they'd left the door open for Brady if he changed his mind and admitted there had been growing indications that it was a serious possibility.

The news was more unexpected for the Bucs fans, but the reaction has been positive. When you’ve got the GOAT quarterback that’s still performing at the very top level, another season before retirement can only be good news!

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