Will Levis Could Be A First Round Pick At The 2023 NFL Draft

Will Levis Could Be A First Round Pick At The 2023 NFL Draft - partycasino

Will Levis already has an impressive resume, with a ten-win season one of its standout qualities. And many people will tell you that he’s already earned himself the title of one of the most successful quarterbacks to play for the Kentucky Wildcats. So, with all that going for him, there is now talk of him being drafted in 2023.

Not A Surprise

In case you were wondering, Levis being drafted would be a massive surprise. Not because he’s not good enough or doesn’t have what it takes, but because there have only been three quarterbacks from the University of Kentucky to be drafted since 1966. The last to make it was Andre Woodson in 2008, who was picked in the sixth round. But there’s a genuine belief that fifteen years down the line, Levis will be right in the mix.


Levis's credentials as a draft pick have been discussed at length for a while. And, in recent times, there was the suggestion he could have the potential to be a day two pick. But now, there are many talking him up even more, and it’s fair to say that the numbers he has posted for the Wildcats, and his performances, are the things doing the talking. For example, he registered a pass completion rate of 66%, with twenty-four touchdowns. The talent is there for all to see. And while Levis isn’t the finished product, he has shown growth.

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Looking across the twenty-two-year-old’s final five games, he managed to average 308 total yards per game. He threw for 372 yards and racked up three touchdowns versus Tennessee, 419 yards with four touchdowns against Mexico State and secured MVP honours in the Governor’s Cup against Louisville, with 149 pass yards, 113 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns registered.

Now nobody is getting ahead of themselves where Levis is concerned. They know he’s not going to match Tim Couch’s achievement of being the number one overall pick. But, he’s more than proven he is capable of becoming only the third quarterback in University of Kentucky history to make it as a first-round pick.

And, Levis may not be alone where Wildcats and the 2023 draft pick is concerned, as there are several others whose names could get a call in a year’s time.

Chris Rodriguez

Running back Chris Rodriguez has a couple of things on his to-do list. And while one of them is to smash Benny Snell’s career rushing record, he will also have Snell in his sights for another reason, and that’s to better his fourth-round draft pick of 2018. If he corrects the fumble issue of last term, he could well do so.

Keaton Upshaw

Keaton Upshaw is a tight end with a lot of potential. However, injury plagued him in 2021, and it's held his progress back. However, he's back fit and raring to go. And the plus point is that he is playing in an offence where he's going to be used a lot. If he's drafted in 2023, he'll be the first Kentucky tight end to make it since Jacob Tamme in 2008.

DeAndre Square

You could suggest that it’s challenging to find a draft pick from Kentucky’s defence. And you’d be right. But, if any of the linebackers are to make it, you’d say it would be DeAndre Square, because of his standout performance at the Citrus Bowl. If he builds on that by improving his pass coverage ability, he could make it.