What is the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game?

What is the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game? - partycasino

Every sport has certain events in its calendar that all the fans look forward to; for the NFL, that's the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game. 

Held on the same weekend as the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s ceremony for new inductions, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game also heralds the imminent arrival of the new season. 

The game is high on the agenda for NFL betting, with fans from all teams hyped up to watch. But what exactly is it, and why is it so important? Here's what you need to know.

Is the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game a Competitive Match?

The NFL season doesn't officially kick off until September, so the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game is just a precursor to get everyone excited. 

It’s technically just an exhibition match, but the ceremony and tradition around the game make it an important fixture on the calendar. 

It's been held at various points between August and September over the years. But since 2017, it's been held on the Thursday night before the Hall of Fame Weekend. 

The inaugural game was held in 1962 and has only been cancelled three times in its history. Once was in 2011 due to the NFL lockout, once in 2016 due to problems with the field and again in 2020 due to COVID. 

Unlike other preseason games, the Hall of Fame fixture is aired nationwide, so fans will be able to watch no matter what teams are involved.

How Are the Teams Chosen?

Some teams have appeared in the Hall of Fame game more frequently than others, with Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers leading the way. 

However, it's not necessarily a reflection of being a winning side to be picked for the Hall of Fame game. Team selection depends on many factors and isn't just about choosing the best two from the leagues. 

The participants are typically announced when the new members of the Hall of Fame are revealed. This is because if a particular player is heavily linked with a specific team, there's a good chance that they'll be picked to take part in the Hall of Fame game. Tying the game and the induction ceremony together helps boost attendance and interest in the event. 

However, the teams playing aren't always connected to the new Hall of Famers. In 2009, the teams taking part were chosen from the AFC teams who were part of the original eight franchises to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the American League. 

It’s also common for new expansion teams to play in the game as their very first match, such as Cleveland Browns, Carolina and Jacksonville.

What is the Pro Hall of Fame?

The game is just part of the celebrations planned for the Pro Hall of Fame weekend, where new members are inducted. 

Created in 1963, the Hall of Fame pays tribute to figures from the world of the NFL who were truly exceptional. This includes personnel in any capacity, so alongside players, there are coaches, franchise owners and even front-office employees.