Verstappen On Course To Defend Crown After Home Success

Verstappen On Course To Defend Crown After Home Success - partycasino

Charles Leclerc led the way for a short time in the F1 driver standings, but since Max Verstappen overtook him, the Dutchman has continued to extend his lead as he attempts to defend his crown. And, after victory in the Dutch Grand Prix, Verstappen now has a 109-point advantage and looks to have the title in the bag.

Mercedes Moment

The pivotal moment came during a late safety car period when Verstappen had to make it past Lewis Hamilton, as he had done so in the final race of last season in controversial fashion, which saw the Red Bull driver win the title. But this time, it was the Mercedes team Hamilton was furious with, instead of race officials, as he felt that he should have been brought into the pit lane to change his tyres.

Mercedes’ inaction during the caution period immediately added a vulnerability to Hamilton’s position in the race, and this cost the Brit dearly as it wasn’t only Verstappen who passed him, but Leclerc and fellow Mercedes driver George Russell too. Hamilton had to make do with fourth, which he did well to hold onto, while a podium finish evaporated into the ether.

The Red Bull Show

However, once again, it was the Verstappen and Red Bull show, with the Dutchman winning his tenth race from the last fifteen. Verstappen was in control of proceedings in the main, but the caution periods threw the cat amongst the pigeons in many respects. But, with Verstappen on form and Red Bull continuing to impress, his victory was never in doubt. After doubts were raised early on in the season as to whether Red Bull and Verstappen could defend their crown, they’ve come roaring back, and now they seem set to achieve their goal.

Red Bull Show - partycasino

"We had to push the whole race," said Verstappen. "Of course, with the virtual safety car, making the right calls is always a bit of a question mark, but it worked out really well once we got back to the soft tyres. We had great pace again.

"I had a good run in the restart, we had a bit more top speed, and that helps to attack into Turn One, and from there onwards, we had really good balance in the car again.

"It's always special to win your home Grand Prix. This year, I had to work for it even more. An incredible weekend,” the race winner added.

Fading Ferrari

Like Leclerc’s title hopes, Ferrari faded once again, which has been an ongoing issue for most of the season. Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz were positioned in second and third, respectively, but a disastrous first pit for Sainz saw things unravel in the blink of an eye. And Leclerc wouldn’t have made the podium to finish third if there wasn’t a late safety car period where Hamilton’s failure to change tyres made him vulnerable to those behind him. The Ferrari title dreams are undoubtedly over for another season.