Top Teams to Watch After the NBA All-Star Break

Top Teams to Watch After the NBA All-Star Break - partycasino

The All-Star game has just passed, and we can get back to good ol' regular season matches in a couple of days. If you watch the NBA with interest, you know that many teams are taking shape just after the All-Star break. It's a do or die period for all teams, with the Playoffs just a few months away. Many teams have turned things around after the break, and it will be no different this year.

With playoffs teams currently locked in play-in positions, you can look for them to come straight up in the following month or two. The half-season mark has passed, and there's no messing around anymore. Below you can see the top teams we think will have a breakout performance after the All-Star game.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics had an awful start to the season, although injuries and illness were to blame. However, they also miscalculated the signing of Dennis Schroder, who didn't live up to expectations. Danny Ainge never sits with idle hands, and that mistake has since been corrected, with Daniel Theis back in the green uniform.

The Celtics secured a few nice wins together before the All-Star break, showing that they still got it. With Jayson Tatum in MVP talk and the continued excellence of Jaylen Brown, the Celtics should shine once again and get out of play-in contention.

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers will be the team to watch in the NBA right now. Before the All-Star break, they announced that new addition James Harden will be out until after the break. He’s apparently ready for a comeback, and the Beard certainly won’t hold anything back when he steps on Philly’s floor.

He’s been pushing for a move to the 76ers for over a year, and he finally got his wish. Now’s the real test – the previous experiment with Jimmy Butler didn’t work, but let’s see if Embiid can win with Harden. There’s no question that the duo is deadly, at least on paper.

Brooklyn Nets

When the Nets gave up Harden, they received Ben Simmons in return. While his basketball skills are often up for debate, he's still a great young player who hasn't been given freedom and a good chance to showcase his talents.

Simmons is apparently aching to start playing, and with Durant and Kyrie Irving in the lineup (well, at least in some states), the Nets should be fun to watch. Or a total disaster. We’ll see.

Memphis Grizzlies

We all knew that Ja Morant would eventually reach NBA stardom, but we didn't think it would be this early. Thanks to his play and the emergence of players such as Desmond Bane, the Grizzlies are deadlier than ever. Morant has been in MVP contention during the whole season, and the best part about the team is that they won't back down against anyone.

The Grizzlies were rolling before the All-Star break, and they won’t back down now. Who can hate their old-school basketball mentality and play?