The Warriors Strike Back Routing the Celtics in Game 2

The Warriors Strike Back Routing the Celtics in Game 2 - partycasino

The Boston Celtics surprisingly won the first game against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It's not that they weren't good, but a surprising win away from home came in the last stretch after the Warriors dominated the match for three full quarters. They uncharacteristically fell apart in the last one, giving Boston the chance to come back in the game and eventually win it.

Game 2

No such mistakes were made in Game 2 of this year's NBA Finals. The Warriors once again controlled the game, leading the Celtics in double digits for most of the second half. Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole led the way in a game where the Celtics had 18 turnovers, hurting Boston a lot.

Jordan Poole - partycasino

All Even

The Warriors admitted they got comfortable in Game 1; a mistake veteran teams shouldn't make. They certainly didn't make it in the second game, returning the break with a blowout 19-point win. It was an even match in the first two quarters before a 19-2 rally capped by Jordan Poole in the middle of the third quarter put the game to rest. It was smooth sailing since then, with Curry the captain of the steady ship with 29 points.


Both teams shot great beyond the arc (40.5%), but the Celtics were terrible from the 2-point line (only 34.9%). That and the lack of defence on Stephen Curry were their main problems which led to the blowout. Curry had help in Jordan Poole, who scored 17 off the bench on a night where Klay Thompson struggled mightily once again. Kevon Looney was a surprising key factor, adding 12 points in 21 minutes as the starting centre.

Drop Coverage

The Celtics’ drop coverage behind Curry gave the former Finals MVP the space he needed to score. He hit five 3s from 12 attempts in a run with Poole as the big contributor. It was the mid-third quarter when it started, ending 19-2 to give Golden State a comfortable lead. The Celtics never recovered from the blow, and the Warriors starters got some well-deserved rest on the bench.

What’s Next?

A late rally won the first game, and a mid-third quarter rally won the second. Will things play out like that in the fourth game? The Warriors and Celtics are two great teams that can score in bunches and in just a short time. They both have incredible offence, and unless one slips like the Celtics did for two points in Game 2, it should be an even tie.

Star power and leadership mean everything in the Finals, and both teams don’t lack it. Curry is leading the Warriors from one end against Tatum’s Boston, with only slight differences holding them apart.

On Thursday, the series shifts back to California, where the Warriors will be looking to take the lead. But, we've seen Boston fight through adversity in these playoffs, so as far as motivation goes, the Celtics won't feel any pressure.