Top Five Earning NHL Players in 2021

Top Five Earning NHL Players in 2021 - partycasino

There are hundreds of competitors within the National Hockey League, and each individual earns thousands per game. These athletic personalities work diligently towards obtaining large salaries, similar to bettors competing for substantial payouts by wagering on NHL Betting Picks. Despite that, there are five hockey players that earn more than 10+ Million per year. An examination into those players & how their salaries can correlate towards payout prizes for sports betting enthusiasts is listed below. 

  • Sergei Bobrovsky

The Florida Panthers acquired Sergei Bobrovsky for several seasons, costing the franchise $70 Million for the prominent goalie. His yearly salary is $12 Million, which is the highest amongst any goaltender in the National Hockey League. It shows that Florida's coaches have confidence Bobrovsky will lead them towards Stanley Cup contention. As such, sports betting enthusiasts should have confidence in Bobrovsky when instituting Totals or Puck Lines. 

  • Artemi Panarin

Russian athletes are known to perform admirably in professional hockey. That’s once again being shown by Artemi Panarin, a Right-Winger for the New York Rangers. He’s earning $13 Million per season until his contract maximum of $81.5 Million is reached. It’s an expensive contact that’s benefited the Rangers, as Panarin acquired an average of 1.38 Goals per Game. It’s the fourth-highest in the franchise's history. This means Artemi Panarin is a suitable selection for Moneyline wagers.

  • Conor McDavid

Sportsbetting enthusiasts who follow the Edmonton Oilers know of Conor McDavid, who stands as the franchise's young captain. It's estimated that he'll acquire $14 Million throughout 2021, as Conor McDavid enters his 3rd year into an eight-year signing with the Edmonton Oilers. In terms of the NHL Betting Lines, McDavid is suitable for parlay wagers as the captain. He should be avoided for outright bets. 

  • Mitch Marner

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed Mitch Marner for a six-year contract in 2019, worth an estimated $65 Million. This means the young athletic personality is earning $10 Million per season. However, bonus adjustments have analysts suggesting that Marner will acquire $15 Million in the 2021-22 season. This youngsters' dedication could mean straightforward wagers being triggered regularly for sports betting enthusiasts. We suggest using Marner for a Puck Line, Moneyline, or Totals bet. 

  • Auston Matthews 

Mitch Marner isn't the exclusive talent that's joined the Toronto Maple Leafs in recent years. This Canadian team also obtained Auston Mattews for a five-year contract worth $58.17 Million. That means he's acquiring $15.9 Million per season, which is the most of any NHL player. Auston Matthews has proven himself to sports betting enthusiasts, as he's achieved 40+ goals this season. He was four goals away from beating the Toronto Maple Leaf's record. As such, straightforward bets on Auston Matthews can prompt largescale returns.


Bettors who educate themselves on the league's top athletes have an increased opportunity to trigger the Best NHL Bets Today. It’s almost guaranteed that enthusiasts will activate payouts by selecting one of the following players for a straight line, puck line, or totals wager.