The Avalanche Take a Decisive Lead in a Match Marred by a Dangerous Play

The Avalanche Take a Decisive Lead in a Match Marred by a Dangerous Play - partycasino

The Colorado Avalanche dealt the Edmonton Oilers a massive blow in their bid for a Stanley Cup appearance. They defeated the Oilers 4-2 in the third match to take a decisive 3-0 lead. The game should have made the headlines for the Avalanche's superb effort, but instead, it caught the eye of everyone for a non-sporting, dangerous play.

Fans Enraged

The teams were still warming up during the first sixty seconds of the game when the Oilers’ Evander Kane pushed Nazem Kadri from behind and into the boards. It was a dirty play lamented by the Avalanche’s brass and one that enraged fans too. Kadri was vulnerable when he was pushed, and has a suspected right thumb injury that will keep him out for the remainder of the series.

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A Huge Blow to the Avalanche’s Stanley Cup Chances

Injuries and dangerous plays happen in ice hockey, but they're not meant to happen this way. Leander Kane made a malicious play that injured a player whose presence will be of big help to the Colorado-based team going forward. No one liked the play. Gabe Landeskog said it was a play that leaves players with chills. Jared Bednar called it the most dangerous play in ice hockey. It was malicious, and the league immediately recognised it, suspending Kane for one match.

Kane's Actions

As Bednar confirmed, Kadri is out for the remainder of the series. He might even be out longer than that. Landeskog was on the bench when it occurred, and said that it looked even worse than that. As he said, players are taught from a young age not to do it, and Kane still did it. With around eight feet off the boards, no one should even think about such a hit.

In his defence, Kane said he was just coming on the backcheck trying to get a bump on Kadri. He said it was unfortunate for his opponent to have hurt his hand. The Avalanche are lucky that it's just a thumb injury, but with the force Kane struck him from behind, it could have been a fracture.

Someone Needs to Step Up

With Nazem Kadri out, someone needs to step up for Colorado. Bednar said it might even take a few players to cover Naz's role. Now, the important thing for the team is to move on and focus its efforts to win the Western Conference Finals.

While on the terms of stepping up, the Avalanche definitely saw Valeri Nichuskin rise up to the challenge. He scored two goals and was vital on the defensive end. Compher and Rantanen scored, too, just like they did in the previous games.

Stanley Cup

The Colorado Avalanche played like a championship team, limiting the Oilers' second-chance opportunities. The Oilers are now against the ropes, trying to find their best game in a limited time. However, it'll be a rough ride to overcome a 3-0 lead. Even with Nazem Kadri out, they will struggle against the Avalanche, who have been waiting on a Stanley Cup for over 20 years.