The Warriors Win the Third Battle Against Doncic’s Mavs, Leading 3-0

The Warriors Win the Third Battle Against Doncic’s Mavs, Leading 3-0 - partycasino

The Dallas Mavericks' fantastic playoff run is seemingly coming to a (quick) end. So far, the Mavs have been able to beat heavy favourites Utah Jazz and title contenders Phoenix Suns, but the Golden State Warriors are a different kind of beast. No disregard to Luka Doncic's superhuman efforts; the Warriors are too good of a team to be beat by a single player.

San Francisco’s top basketball team won the third game last night, leading 3-0 against the Mavs. They did it away from home and in fashion as highlighted by Andrew Wiggins’ disrespectful poster dunk on Doncic.

Time may be slipping through the Mavs' hands, with the season and excellent playoff run clinging to the hopes of the next game.

Another 40 for Doncic

Luka Doncic played the second game sick and dropped 40+ in a loss (a new Flu Game)? He played the third healthy, and while he scored 40 again, he couldn’t help his team to a premier Western Conference Finals win. The Slovenian superstar had help from Spencer Dinwiddie with 26 points and Jalen Brunson with 20, but no other Maverick scored in double digits.

In comparison, the Warriors had five double-digit scorers, with Curry leading the way with 31 points and 11 assists. Klay Thompson scored 19, Jordan Poole had 10, just like Draymond Green, but undeniably, the star of the show was Andrew Wiggins with a 27-point effort and fantastic defense. He even had the moment of the match with a filthy dunk that put Doncic on poster. The referees initially looked at the tape for an offensive foul, but it was clear as day that it was an "and-one".

That moment literally showed the Warriors' dominance over the Doncic-led Mavs. The San Francisco ballers are simply too much for the Dallas Mavericks, who enact the 'Give it to Luka' plan too often. It would take something special for the Mavs to turn this series around. The Warriors were nearly nowhere as title contenders, let alone favourites, at the beginning of the season, but with Thompson's return, everything has changed.

Stephen Curry - partycasino

How to Stop Curry

Jason Kidd's plan for the Mavericks to win game 4 must include a way to stop Stephen Curry. While he hasn't been posting his usually otherworldly numbers, he's been as solid as a rock. This series begins with Andrew Wiggins, though, as he silenced his critics with mature play and remodelling himself into a different type of player.

The series so far has been won by the Warriors with more or less no big help from Klay Thompson. It's not that he’s been bad – he’s great as always – but his shots haven’t been falling like they used to. That might change in the next game, and if Thompson catches fire, he could scorch the Mavs for 60 points or more. We’ve seen that happen before.

So, where does that leave the Mavericks? We believe it's adios for Luka Doncic and see you next year. The Mavs aren't a bad team – they just need to get Doncic the help he desperately needs.