The Three MLB Bets To Help You Hit a Home Run

The Three MLB Bets To Help You Hit a Home Run - partycasino

There's almost limitless potential for MLB betting with lots of games every season. Whether you're checking out the betting odds for the MLB playoffs or looking at the MLB World Series betting, you're never going to be short of choice.

However, there are three MLB betting opportunities that you might want to take a closer look at. Each one provides the potential for scoring great returns if you get your predictions right.

Put Your Money on the Underdogs - But Not Always

There's a straightforward way to sum up this strategy: bet on the underdogs more often than you bet on the favourites. The exact execution isn't that pretty basic, but that's the overarching premise. 

One mistake that many bettors make is forgetting that the most likely outcome doesn't always happen. Sure, the favourites are more likely to win - but there are plenty of occasions when they lose to a lesser team. There's a very good chance that even the top teams will lose multiple times every season with so many games. Likewise, even the team lurking at the bottom will sometimes get a good result. 

And that’s what you’re looking for, the outliers where an upset is more likely. You don’t need to get it right every time to make this strategy a success. This is because the odds you’ll get for backing the underdogs will be significantly better than if you’re only ever backing the hot favourites. 

Of course, there may be some games when there's virtually no chance of an upset. You will want to avoid betting on the underdogs in these matchups, as there's just no point. However, if you can find odds of -110 to +150, you should be in the Threegion for a reasonable risk/win balance ratio.

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First Five Innings

This is a popular MLB bet that's offered everywhere, but it's one that you should seriously consider. It may seem crazy to only bet on half of a game, but by doing so, you'll be removing a lot of the weaker spots. 

The first five innings in a game feature the best pitcher, giving you a performance that is likely to be more reliable. The outcome is more variable when the bullpen takes over, and relief pitchers begin to step up. 

To do well at a First Five bet, you'll really need to know your pitchers and their ERA. Some pitchers are particularly strong at first and only start to slide later in the game - typically on the third innings or later. Look for pitchers who you know are strong enough to perform for at least three innings, and you'll have a much better chance at getting a winning bet.

Try Out Futures

If you like to take a punt on a higher risk bet, futures could deliver you some attractive options. Looking further ahead in the season, placing a bet that carries excellent returns is possible. Of course, one of the reasons for this is that it can be difficult to predict with any certainty, but if you know your MLB well, you could have a decent shot at success. 

You can decide the type of bet you want to place. Maybe you think you can predict the winner of the division, or perhaps you're confident about who is going to win the whole league. Whatever you go for, you'll find some of the contenders have futures odds that stand at +300 or more. 

A bet on who will scoop MVP is another potential big-money winner. If you sidestep the player who's the favourite and put your money on the second or third place, you could get odds of +350, or more. 

And it’s hard to ignore the World Series. If you can get this right, you’ll earn some serious money with a futures bet as many of the hottest teams still carry big odds.