The Secret NFL Cheerleader Rules That Must Be Followed

The Secret NFL Cheerleader Rules That Must Be Followed - partycasino

When you’re watching an NFL game, the chances are that you'll enjoy a show from the cheerleaders. A traditional part of the NFL, cheerleading is fun to both watch and participate in. 

The cheerleaders who make it to the NFL are professionals who are the best in their industry. Athletic, fit and dedicated, cheerleaders spend many hours perfecting new routines every week. 

While the vibe around cheerleaders is fun and relaxed, you might be shocked at the strict rules they have to follow. Here’s a look at some of the secret NFL cheerleading rules that you probably wouldn’t expect.

Pass the “Jiggle Test”

Cheerleaders are known for looking professional while performing their routines, but some clubs take their assessments a little too far. 

The Buffalo Jills had one extreme example: putting their cheerleaders through a weekly jiggle test. This involved the women going through the motions while bosses assessed their tummies, limbs and butts to see how much they jiggled. If there was too much "jiggle", the cheerleader would either be made to stay behind for extra "conditioning" or sacked from the team completely.

Other teams don’t have a jiggle test but have very strict weight allowances. The Ben-Gals are weighed twice a week and allowed to fluctuate by a maximum of three pounds. Bearing in mind that the menstrual cycle typically adds two pounds on at certain times of the month, that leaves very little room for any weight fluctuations at all!

Proper Speech

Cheerleaders aren't just expected to look the part; they must also speak according to club rules too. The handbooks that cheerleaders are given explain the phrases they can and can't use. 

The guidelines set out forbidden words such as "pee, dude, ain't and oh my god" plus, they are obliged to refrain from discussing any problematic subjects such as politics, religion and sex. 

The rules apply even when no one is around to see them and even covers etiquette such as what to say if they sneeze or burp.

Always Be Camera-Ready

Cheerleaders are paid a tiny wage which equates to around $5 an hour in some cases, less than $2000 per season. With mascots making $25,000-$60,000 per year, cheerleaders are very low down on the pecking order.

Despite this, clubs expect cheerleaders to maintain the same standards even when they're not working. The handbook explains that a cheerleader can be recognised anywhere, so it's unforgivable to look anything other than "well put together". 

This means if you’re a cheerleader, slipping out to your local shop in a messy bun and no makeup is an offence that could mean you’re thrown off the team.

No Underwear During Routines

Yes, you read that correctly. The cheerleading handbook stipulates that cheerleaders must not wear any underpants below their shorts, even a G-string or a thong. This applies to any time they're wearing their uniform, both in practice and on match days. Unfortunately, the book doesn't go on to explain the athletic benefits of refraining from wearing underwear…

Despite the clear instructions to go knickerless on the bottom half, the guidelines are explicit in that suitable bras must always be worn. This should be nude or black with no lace and sufficiently supportive to avoid "slouching breasts".