The NBA’s Top 5 Most Unstoppable Moves

The NBA’s Top 5 Most Unstoppable Moves - partycasino

The NBA is a wild ride where the top players have many sorts of fantastic manoeuvres against defences. Many of these have their own name and are famous around the world. Several NBA legends have also popularised some of the most unstoppable signature moves, most of which managed to propel them to new levels of acclaim. While there are more than a dozen of such moves, here, we'll be focusing on NBA's top 5 unstoppable ones.

5. Hakeem Olajuwon’s Dream Shake

Hakeem is one of the top offensive players in his era. He enjoyed playing soccer and got the name for his powerful move from it. Since it requires excellent footing to execute it, the Dream Shake is one of the most unstoppable moves in the NBA. With it, you need to use your feet to fake the defender into making an open line to the basket. Of course, it's tough to execute it as good as Hakeem, who does the Dream Shake so gracefully.

4. James Harden’s Stepback 3s

Although pioneered by Michael Jordan, James Harden perfected the stepback 3s, managing to create one of the most devastating NBA signature moves. Without violating the rules of the NBA, Harden maximises the stepback using it to his advantage. This move is used to create space by stepping backwards away from defenders, a move that has seen Harden reach 35+ points easily in games. It’s like he’s cheating.

3. Stephen Curry’s Long-Range 3s

Curry's long-range 3s are unstoppable. He rips straight through defences with these 3s, and most are not even guarded. Why would a team put a body there when he can just race to the basket? Curry's long-range 3s have changed the game for good, and while others like Lillard can make them too, Curry does it best. It's no wonder that he's the top three-point shooter of all time.

2. Michael Jordan’s Fadeaway

Arguably one of the best players to grace the NBA, Jordan pioneered the fadeaway jumpers. This move is highly popular to the extent of it being used by several players such as the late Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki. Jordan managed to garner six championship rings, along with 9 MVPs. He also managed to attain 32,000 career points, something that proved that his signature fadeaway is one of those unstoppable moves in the history of the NBA.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Skyhook

The skyhook move traces its origins back to the “Hook Shot” movie. The National Basketball Association Hall of Famer George Mikan introduced it first but was later perfected by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who ended using it as if it was his own. Kareem’s skyhook remains one of the most unstoppable moves in the NBA and the history of basketball as a whole. No other player has attempted copying and perfecting it, and today’s basketball is high on 3s, not inside scoring.

Kareem was the only player who used the skyhook primarily due to his height. He was both a 6-time NBA champion and NBA MVP, a 2-time Finals MVP, 15-time NBA selection, 19-time NBA All-Star, and 11-time All-Defensive selection.