The Most Embarrassing Record Held By Each of the NFL Teams (Part 1)

The Most Embarrassing Record Held By Each of the NFL Teams (Part 1) - partycasino

Every team has its achievements that it's proud of, whether it's trophies in a cupboard or star players who have smashed field records.

However, no matter how good your team is, there are days when things just don't go well. Every team in the NFL has an embarrassing record hiding in its closet - so, in this two-part series of blogs, let's take a look and see just how bad things got for each team.

Arizona Cardinals

Longest championship drought

With no championships won from 1947, there’s no need to explain why this record is such a disaster…

Atlanta Falcons - partycasino

Atlanta Falcons

Biggest lead lost in a Super Bowl

It's horrible throwing away a lead but to do it at the Super Bowl? Unthinkable. Unfortunately for the Falcons, that's exactly what they did, chucking away a 28-3 lead to eventually losing to the Patriots.

Baltimore Ravens

1st team to throw away two 14 point leads in a playoff

In the 2014 playoff, the Ravens were winning by 14 points against the Patriots before the score was levelled. The Ravens came back and scored another 14 points only to go on and lose the game 35-31.

Buffalo Bills

Lost four Super Bowls in a row

During the 90s, the Bills had the fantastic achievement of making it to four Super Bowls in a row, only to lose them all. They're the only team to have this dubious achievement.

Carolina Panthers

Longest season losing streak

In 2001, things started well with the Panthers as they won their first match - only to go on and lose the next 15 games.

Chicago Bears

Gave away the most penalties

Some teams have a habit of throwing away games by giving away too many penalties. The Bears have the unenviable record of giving away the most penalties in the NFL for 16 seasons.

Cincinnati Bengals

All-time lowest winning percentage post-season

At 5-14, and a post-season win percentage of .263, the Bengals have the worst record.

Cleveland Browns

Lowest number of first downs in a season

2000 wasn't an excellent season for the Browns as they only managed a lowly 176 first downs.

Dallas Cowboys

Longest losing streak at home

Between 1988 and 1990, the Cowboys had the longest losing streak at home with 14 consecutive losses.

Denver Broncos

Most losses in the Super Bowl

The Broncos are in joint fourth place for the most ever Super Bowl wins, but they’re the stand out winner in the most Super Bowl losses with five defeats to their name.

Detroit Lions

Consecutive losses on the road

Not only did the Lions go completely without a win in 2008, but they also didn't pick up a single win on the road between 2007 and 2010.

Green Bay Packers

Most passing yards allowed per season

Although 2011 was a decent season for the Packers, it wasn't any thanks to their defence which gave up 4796 passing yards, a record for a single season.

Houston Texans

Worst single season turnaround

The 2012 season was pretty positive for the Texans, with a record of 12-4, so unsurprisingly, hopes for 2013 were high. Unfortunately, they suffered a complete reversal in their fortunes, with a 2-14 to their name.

Indianapolis Colts

Most points conceded in a season

The record for the 1991 season was appalling at 1-15, but the points tally against them was even worse, with the Colts giving up a record 533.

Jacksonville Jags

Longest losing streak

Some bad records are buried in the distant past…others not so much. For the Jags, 2020 was a season they’d rather forget with 15 losses in a row. Ouch.

Kansas City Chiefs

Fewest sacks in a season

In recent years, it's not the defence that's had the problem, but when it comes to records, the Chiefs performed badly with just 10 sacks during 2008.