The Most Adored Players in the MLB

The Most Adored Players in the MLB - partycasino

If you’re a fan of MLB, you probably have a favourite team to follow - and it’s normal for fans to admire their team’s best players. 

However, some players out there draw respect and admiration from the fans of other teams, and that's a much rarer thing.

Throughout the history of MLB, there have been a handful of players who were truly adored. Top of this list would be undoubtedly Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio - but who else? We take a look at some of the most loved players ever to take to the field in MLB.

Lou Gehrig

Another golden oldie, Lou Gehrig, became a legend for the New York Yankees, both on and off the field. He's well known for his battle with the type of Motor Neurone Disease, which was later to bear his name, but he was so much more than just a brave fighter. 

Gehrig was an incredible force for the offence, but his talent never went to his head. Those that knew him said he was remarkably humble, despite his record performances. Sportswriters talk about his reliability, both in practice and during games. He worked his socks off for the team and was determined to win but never sulked or complained when things didn't go his way. Truly one of the most extraordinary gentlemen MLB has ever seen.

Ichiro Suzuki

Born in Japan, Ichiro Suzuki is an overseas player who has created a real legacy in the US. Starting in 2001, he quickly gained the admiration of Seattle as well as Japanese fans watching his progress. 

His work ethic and commitment to physical fitness have been a trademark of his, arriving early for games and doing stretches even in the middle of games to stay supple. He was originally believed to be too small and frail to succeed, but he proved his critics wrong to become one of the top players in MLB

As well as being committed to outstanding performances, Ichiro has demonstrated incredible generosity too. In 2016 he made the largest contribution in history to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, a mark of gratitude to the recently deceased Buck O'Neill, who helped him when he first arrived. He also donated $1.25 million to the Japanese Red Cross to help with the tsunami and earthquake disaster relief.

Ernie Banks

Playing from 1953 to 1971, Ernie Banks was the first African-American player ever to join the Cubs. Despite the sad but inevitable initial backlash, he quickly won the hearts of the fans, and in 1958 and 1959, he won consecutive MVP Awards. 

As well as overcoming institutional racism and being a role model for all black players that followed in his footsteps, Banks was famous for his unerring enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game. He was described as never complaining about bad luck and, even in defeat, was generous and kind. Banks was simply happy to be playing at the Cubs, and those who witnessed his demeanour describe him as an inspiration.