The Greatest NHL Defensemen of All Time

The Greatest NHL Defensemen of All Time - partycasino

Looking back at the greatest NHL defencemen and analysing what characteristics made them effective and formidable is great for NHL betting fans. By being able to identify these attributes in current players, it will enable more accurate assessments of players and teams to be made. Thus helping with selecting the appropriate betting strategy, bet types and match predictions. 

  1. Bobby Orr – From 1966 to 1976, Bobby Orr grew into a legend by remaining with the Boston Bruins throughout his career. He'd score 139 Points and 64 Assists by utilising his broad strength to overpower the opposition. His skillsets allowed the Bruins to acquire two NHL Stanley Cups. 
  2. Doug Harvey – From 1947 to 1969, Doug Harvey played within the National Hockey League as a defenseman. His talents focused on controlling the movement and progression of each period. Doug wouldn’t pass the puck until teammates were already within the offensive zone. For the period, it was an unusual tactic. 
  3. Ray Bourque – Statistically speaking, there isn’t a superior defenseman than Ray. He maintains the record for most career goals, assists, and points from any NHL history defenseman. That’s because he mixed offensive & defensive skillsets to overpower opposing teams. From 1977 to 2001, Ray Bourque was an unrivalled force that acquired the Norris Trophy on five occasions. 
  4. Larry Robinson – From 1974 to 1991, Larry Robinson was a dominating defenseman because his strength & stature were intimidating for any opposition. His talents rival Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky, as these three men are the sole individuals to have a 100+ Rating for a single season. The impressive accolades shown throughout Robinson's history allowed him to acquire 9 Stanley Cups as a player & coach. He's a pertinent member of the NHL Hall of Fame.

Finding the Best Defensemen of Today

Gamblers worldwide have become intrigued by the prospect of gambling on NHL Events. Therefore, thousands of betting fans are continually looking for information that will improve their strategies. Most believe that NHL Betting Picks are more accurate by evaluating the whole team, but each athlete and member of the coaching staff all play an important factor. Therefore, researching the top defensemen of today is advantageous when assimilating a strategy. It allows punters to comprehend which team is more likely to overcome their opponents. Moreover, this data could provide insight into which team will win the Stanley Cup.