The Eagles and The Vikings Set to Gain from the 2022 NFL Schedule

The Eagles and The Vikings Set to Gain from the 2022 NFL Schedule - partycasino

Have you marked your calendar to catch the entire NFL schedule for 2022? If not, better get to it right now! The 18-week regular season has something new for you every month! So, be ready to watch the drama-filled Week 1 all the way to a complete slate that features special holiday encounters. 

If you’re already at the edge of your seat, remember, it’s got nothing on Thursday’s long-awaited announcements. That’s right! Let’s get a rundown of the obvious winners and losers from the schedule release, pinpointing the teams that were aided and harmed the most by their order of the games.

The Winners:

The Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are set for an easy start for the 2022 season. They’ll start their Week 1 campaign at home against the Packers. Vikings’ Week 3-6 are even tolerable, as they’ll square off with the Lions, then at Saints, vs. the Bears, and then the Dolphins. After what will be their tough midseason stretch, they’ll be home to the Patriots on Thanksgiving, followed by the Jets a week later, at Lions, and then at Bears.

The Eagles - partycasino


The Eagles will surely have one of the easiest starts of the season. After visiting the Lions, they’ll be home to the Vikings. They are to follow this by a trip to Washington, vs. Jaguars, at Cardinals, vs. Cowboys, and then the bye. While they’ll face off with strong opponents in there, their final five games look promising vs. Titans, at Giants, at Bears, vs. Saints, and vs. Giants.


The Giants should be all smiles following the 2022 season fixture that seems to favour them. They'll play four of their opening six matches on home turf, and one of their two games on the road will be on a neutral field in London. 

Not just that, but it gets even better for them yet! The Giants play consecutive home matches three different times, and after a well-positioned Week 9 bye, they play the Texans, followed by the Lions before their seven-game stretch, which has five divisional games.


The Seahawks would attempt to establish their position early in Week 1, with their rivals seemingly spread out. The Seahawks get their bye after their trip to Germany, where they'll at least face-off with the Buccaneers on a neutral ground. 

Not to mention, their final seven matches all fall on home turf, which is all the more good news to the team and fans!



We are all aware of how Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray start hot, before blowing everything off. Unfortunately, based on their fixture, they could struggle again this season. They start their campaign at home vs. Chiefs, at Raiders, and vs. Rams. Remember that the Cardinals have to play their next three matches, two on the road, without their influential player, DeAndre Hopkins. 

Sadly, it gets even tougher for the Cardinals. From Week 8-12, they have the Vikings, vs. Seahawks, at Rams, vs. 49ers, and vs. Chargers. After their late Week 13 bye, the Cardinals’ three of their final games are on the road, with four of their final opponents being the Broncos, Buccaneers, 49ers, and the Patriots. 

And that’s minus mentioning what might be their tight division race!

The Falcons - partycasino


Based on the fixture, the Falcons seem doomed. They have one of the toughest opening fixtures that will see them starting their campaign vs. Saints, at Rams, at Seahawks, vs. Browns, at Buccaneers, vs. 49ers, and then at Bengals. 

Through Arthur Smith’s second season, the club may find themselves 1-6 or much worse, 0-7 halfway through the season. Much worse, the Falcons don’t get by until Week 14, and their last four are at Saints, at Ravens, vs. Cardinals, and vs. Buccaneers. 

Long story short, the Falcons may redeem themselves, but only if Tampa Bay and Baltimore are resting their starters. But then again, it’s still a terrible fixture for them.


While Davante Adams and Derek Carr promise to be fun to watch this year, things look tough for the Raiders. They begin their campaign at Chargers, vs. Cardinals, at Titans, vs. Broncos, and at Chiefs. With Week 6 to recover, soon, things will get even harder for them. From Week 11 on, the Raiders will be at Broncos, at Seahawks, vs. Chargers, at Rams, vs. Patriots, at Steelers, vs. 49ers, and then vs. Chiefs.