The Biggest NFL Upsets in Super Bowl History

The Biggest NFL Upsets in Super Bowl History - partycasino

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events from around the globe, with countries from all over the world tuning in for the occasion. The two teams that make it there have triumphed through a long and arduous season, beating the other top contenders in the playoffs.

In theory, the complex qualification route means that only the top teams should make it to the Super Bowl, and you'd expect the better one to lift the trophy. However, history shows that the event is more than capable of delivering some surprising upsets. 

Here’s a look at some of the most shocking results, proving why NFL betting can be trickier than it first seems!

New York Giants vs New England Patriots - Super Bowl 2008

New York Giants - partycasino

Result: 17-14

The New England Patriots were on the brink of making history as they reached the Super Bowl, having finished the season 16-0, and added two further wins in the playoffs to make 18-0. They were to be the very first team to win the Super Bowl with a record of 19-0.

In contrast, the New York Giants were a wild card team, having reached the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

On paper, there was only one possible conclusion to this match: a win for the New England Patriots. 

A couple of iconic moves defined the match. The first was a catch from Dad Tyree, a play that has been replayed time and again as one of the most memorable in Super Bowl history. And the move that set this up was Eli Manning being able to shrug off several Patriots defenders, lunging for the space to be able to move the ball out. 

One of the biggest upsets of all time, and one that literally no one foresaw.

New York Jets vs Baltimore Colts - Super Bowl 1969

Results: 16-7

Almost no one gave the Jets a chance to win the Super Bowl against the all-powerful Colts, one of the big hitters in the NFL. However, this result is credited as being one of the reasons for the modern-day popularity of the Super Bowl. 

What really made this upset stand out was the behaviour of New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath. Before the game - and against all the odds in NFL betting - he guaranteed to the fans that the Jets would win. Note the wording: he didn't say they would do their best, he GUARANTEED they'd emerge as the winners. 

It was quite a claim as the Colts were the favourites by 18 points coming into the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, Namath was as good as his word, turning in an MVP performance to help his team win.

Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers - Super Bowl 1998

Result: 31-24

Having two Hall of Famers in a team makes it hard to consider them as a true underdog, but the Broncos were small fry compared to the Green Bay Packers. The Packers had their own Hall of Fame duo in Bret Favre and Reggie White, and their skill had already won them the Super Bowl the previous year. 

NFL betting gave the Packers 11 points going into the game, with no one expecting the Broncos to be able to get close to them, despite a reasonable 12-4 record from the regular season.

What happened next is remembered by all that watched the game, with a close competition between the two sides that was edged by MVP running back Terrell Davis. He ran for 157 yards and made a Super Bowl record with three rushing touchdowns, including the one that clinched victory with less than two minutes left on the clock.