Stephon Gilmore Is A Wanted Man

Stephon Gilmore Is A Wanted Man - partycasino

When Stephon Gilmore, most recently of the Carolina Panthers, entered the NFL free agency last month, it’s fair to say that many felt he would be snapped up quickly. But, at the time of writing, he’s still looking for a new contract. It could lead to some feeling as though there aren’t many sides in for him, but interest is thought to be high in the former Super Bowl champion.

Defensive Player Of The Year

The new league is now coming up to being one month old, and Gilmore, who is undoubtedly one of the better players that is currently able to be picked up from the open market, is still without a home. And, when you consider that the thirty-one-year-old has won multiple accolades throughout his career, such as being 2019’s NFL Defensive Player of the Year, is somewhat surprising.

Age - A Crucial Factor

But, being thirty-one, as we mentioned above, is potentially the current stumbling block in getting Gilmore signed to a team and back playing. It’s natural when players in the NFL hit the thirty mark and surpass it that the big money available previously isn't as readily up for grabs. Therefore, those on the open market often bide their time as they look to secure the best financial package available to them in the twilight of their career.

Real Impact

What stands Gilmore in great stead is that he has a stellar CV and still has the ability to make a real impact wherever he signs. One of the first teams reportedly interested in acquiring the services of the South Carolina born star are the Kansas City Chiefs. They were linked with making a move last month after doing their homework on the free agent.

Philadelphia Eagles - partycasino

The Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the market for a starting corner, and Gilmore very much fits the bill. You could say that the Eagles, who have also been rumoured with a move in the media, present a viable opportunity as they have a gap they’re looking to fill, rather than attempting to shoehorn Gilmore into a team because of his quality.

The Bills - partycasino

The Bills

The Buffalo Bills, a team Gilmore actually represented as a rookie, could also be another potential destination because they, too, are looking for some help in the cornerback position. If he chose to return to the Bills, it would be a welcome reunion of sorts, with Gilmore enjoying a four-year spell between 2012 and 2016.

Strong Position

So, the interest is undoubtedly there in Gilmore, and there are teams that are ready to make a move for him. Because, let’s face it, they need him. However, if one thing is for sure, it’s that the party in the strongest position is the player himself. He doesn’t have to rush into anything and knows that eventually, a financial package that he feels reflects the value he adds as a player will be put on the table. And, alongside that, he may even get another opportunity to contend for a Super Bowl, too.