Rams Snatch Victory in Thrilling Super Bowl 2022

Rams Snatch Victory in Thrilling Super Bowl 2022 - partycasino

Although a lot of the headlines were about the blockbuster half-time show, the action on the field for Super Bowl 56 was just as captivating. In a close-run match that swung first one way then another, the LA Rams came from behind to claim victory over Cincinnati Bengals with less than a minute and a half left on the clock.

The final score was 23-20, a result that will leave Cincinnati bitterly disappointed. Heading into the final couple of minutes with a slim lead, all the Bengals had to do was stop the Rams from scoring. But the offensive play from the Rams was too strong, with Cooper Kupp bursting through to score a touchdown with 1 minute 25 left to play.

The Bengals were gracious in defeat, conceding the victory without forcing the Rams to play out the dying seconds.

Just two years ago, the Bengals were the worst team in the NFL, and the rapid turnaround in their fortunes left many neutrals backing them to win. To have reached a Super Bowl in such a short time should be considered a huge achievement. But having been so close to winning it, the Bengals are likely to be finding the loss a bitter pill to swallow right now.

A Closely Fought Game

Coming into the game, the LA Rams were the firm favourites, and many expected the team playing at their home ground to romp to victory by a large margin.

LA Rams took an early lead but failed to capitalise on it, allowing the Bengals to slowly claw their way back in.

When the teams returned to the field after half-time, there was a pivotal moment that seemed to turn the whole game. Tee Higgins for the Bengals scored from the very first play of the third quarter, catching the deep pass from Burrow before running for a 75-yard goal. Controversy arose because it seemed as if Higgins caught Ramsey's face mask, but play was allowed to stand.

For long periods of the last half of the game, it seemed as if the Rams wouldn't be able to recover, but Cincinnati's inability to protect their quarterback proved to be their undoing. Stafford was sacked no fewer than seven times, leaving them exposed.

With less than two minutes on the clock, the Rams finally broke the Bengals down, with Cooper Kupp scoring the match-winning touchdown.

Hope for the Future?

It’s widely recognised that LA Rams were going all out for the win this year, having traded away draft picks to build a team that was primed for instant success. The strategy has had its fair share of critics, but no one can deny that it has delivered.

With a 34 year old quarterback, the future is less certain for the Rams, but the fans and owners won't be too worried about that at the moment. It's not unusual for a team to have a "window" where they're at their best, and the LA Rams have managed to capitalise on theirs.

In contrast, the Bengals have risen up through the ranks rapidly, and promise much for the future. With a 26 year old quarterback, a young group of players and no shortage of salary cap space, they can build on this year’s performance.

The only area of concern for the Bengals is the amount of punishment that QB Burrows continues to take. Seven sackings in a Super Bowl final is a new record, and players who are continuously hit that hard tend to have their careers cut short. Burrows needs to change his style on play, and the team needs to provide better protection - if that happens, we could just be seeing the Bengals back at the Super Bowl before too long.