Notable Records Within MLB That Every Fan Should Know

Notable Records Within MLB That Every Fan Should Know - partycasino

If you’re keen on MLB betting, you probably know all about the best players in MLB, with the names of the big hitters and pitchers ingrained in your brain.

However, part of the appeal of MLB is that it’s far more than just a single result from the night; it has a history that goes back decades.

Here are some fascinating facts from the history of MLB.

Record Fine for Stealing Signs

Stealing signs is the phrase used to describe the practice of observing and communicating signals being passed between members of the opposing team to let hitters know what type of pitch is coming up next. It’s a common occurrence in MLB and isn’t against the rules - providing no technology is used in the process. 

In 2017/2018, Houston Astros were found to have been using technology to steal signs, with a system of hidden cameras relaying information to the dugout. This was then communicated via a secret series of audible signals, such as banging on bins. The field manager and general manager were banned for 2020, the Astros lost their first and second picks for 2020 and 2021, and the team was hit with a record fine of $5 million. This was the highest possible fine the rules allowed.

The Curse of the Bambino

You don't need to be an MLB fan to recognise the name of Babe Ruth, but baseball enthusiasts will also know him by his nickname: The Bambino. This is a literal translation of "babe" in Italian, a name he was given because he was so young when talent-spotted and signed. The Curse of the Bambino is a superstition that directly relates to Babe Ruth and his move from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees. 

The curse is said to have arisen because of the move, with the Red Sox being punished for allowing the iconic player to leave. With a World Series championship drought that stretched on for decades, many believed that the curse was real. A road sign in Boston that initially read "reverse curve" was graffitied to read "reverse the curse", and officials allowed the graffiti to remain, such was the widespread belief of it. In 2004 the curse was finally broken when the Red Sox finally won the World Series. In celebration, the road sign was unofficially amended again to read "Reversed Curse".

Baseball or Grenade?

It’s not often you might mistake a grenade for a baseball, but the BEANO T-13 might be the exception. This grenade was manufactured for World War II and was deliberately created to resemble a baseball.

Intelligence agency OSS created the grenade, and although the idea of making a bomb to look like a baseball may sound a little far fetched, there was sound logic behind the theory. Baseball is often referred to as "the nation's sport", and it was widely believed that many would be very familiar with throwing a baseball. By having a grenade with the same weight and dimensions, it was hoped that it would be easier for soldiers to throw into enemy territory, thus making it more effective.