No One is Perfect: the Worst Performances of Tom Brady’s Career

No One is Perfect: the Worst Performances of Tom Brady’s Career - partycasino

Tom Brady is often touted as not just one of the best NFL players of his generation but the greatest of all time. With more than two decades of stand-out performances, he has earned respect from fans, players and pundits alike. 

However, being one of the best doesn’t mean you’re immune from having a stinker of a game from time to time. Here are some of the occasions where Tom Brady didn’t quite live up to his own high standards.

2003: Buffalo Bills

Over the years, Brady has turned in some magnificent performances against the Bills, but this game in 2033 was very different. 

The quarterback was very firmly on the losing end of the game, with Bills romping home at 31-0. With just 120 yards passing and 50% pass completion rate, it’s fair to say that Brady won’t be looking back on this one with any fondness.

2002: Green Bay Packers

Many of the worst Brady performances came in the earlier days of his career before experience helped him to wise up. In 2002 the Green Bay Packers really had the measure of him, forcing him to deliver a performance he would probably rather forget. 

It wasn’t a complete disaster as Brady managed to throw a touchdown, but that’s pretty much the only positive stat. He turned the ball over three times, missed 20 of the 44 attempts and was held to a meagre 183 yards.

2013: Cincinnati Bengals

As proof that it’s not just in the early games that Brady hit problems, take a look at the Week 5 match against Cincinnati Bengals in 2013. There were no particular howlers, but Brady was generally underwhelming. 

The Patriots offence just couldn't get going, and the quarterback appeared below par. With a forced interception and Brady not reaching 200 yards, it was a game that celebrated defence rather than sweeping attacks.

2020: Tennessee Titans

Out of all the poor performances, this one is probably the most painful for Brady - and one that he'll struggle to forget. The game against the Tennessee Titans was the last he would play for New England, the team where he had played for 20 seasons. 

As the curtain call on his time at the Patriots, it was important that Brady went out with a bang against the Titans. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned. 

Brady's whole game was poor as the Titans seemed to know exactly how to handle him. But it wasn't just that he had zero impact, he actually gave the game away. With only 15 seconds on the clock, Brady threw a pick six, leaving the Patriots out of the playoffs and ending Brady's golden career at the club on a sour note.

Is Tom Brady really the GOAT?

These examples may make Tom Brady sound like a bang-average player, but the truth is that there are very few examples from a magnificent 20 year+ career. Everyone has a bad day at the office sometimes, and this just proves that one of the best players of all time is human!