NHLs Best Goalies for Betting in 2021

NHLs Best Goalies for Betting in 2021 - partycasino

The National Hockey League remains a fascinating option for enthusiasts of sports betting. That interest is exploited through unique winning combinations, including Parlays and Moneylines. However, obtaining payouts requires preparation from punters. As such, it's advised that readers educate themselves about the National Hockey League's five highest-ranking goaltenders. This will establish strategic manoeuvres that initiate cashable prizes when research regarding all elements of the NHL has been completed. 

Below is an analysis of those goaltenders, which deciphers their recent performances throughout the last two seasons. By understanding these goalies, betting enthusiasts have an improved understanding of which teams have weaker defences. This will assist in staked wagers winning prizes.

  • Andrei Vasilevskiy - Tampa Bay Lightning

There have been few goaltenders to match the ice-time that Andrei Vasilevskiy has sustained in 2020/21. Most analysts were expecting his skillsets to suffer throughout the playoffs. However, Vasilevskiy proved himself a reliable component in Tampa’s defence by sustaining a 93% Average in Saves. This means betting on Vasilevskiy is a dependable choice. It’s almost guaranteed that Andrei won’t allow for any shots-on-net. 

  • Connor Hellebuyck - Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets maintained a decent performance throughout the 2020/21 Season. He'd average 91% in saves, leaving most teams incapable of surpassing his talents. Connor Hellebuyck ranked 2nd in 2019/2020 as Best Goaltender despite that percentage. He'd also acquire the Vezina Trophy. As such, some analysts question if Hellebuyck has passed his prime & will begin to show signs of age as he nears thirty. This means bettors should wager on Hellebuyck by reviewing his recent performances. There's a chance the opposing team's goalie could have superior skillsets. 

  • Robin Lehner - Vegas Golden Knights

Since joining years back, the Vegas Golden Knights have been an incredible & opposing force in the National Hockey League. When launching into the West Division, Robin Lehner has been this organizations goalie. It’s been troublesome for opposing teams to outweigh the saving talents of Lehner. As such, Robin maintains a 92% Average in Saves. It means Lehner's talents should be considered for bettors wagering against or in support of the Golden Knights. 

  • Tuukka Rask - Boston Bruins

Numerous analysts have favoured the talents of Tuukka Rask from the Boston Bruins. He's the exclusive goaltender to match Andrei Vasilevskiy with a 93% Average in Saves. Rask is ranked lower despite those skillsets because his ice-time throughout 2020/21 has been minimal. This could prompt some concerns with various bettors. However, opposing teams fear when Tuukka Rask is placed onto the first line. As such, bettors shouldn't forget Rask when creating a betting strategy. 

  • John Gibson - Anaheim Ducks

Most sportsbooks & analysts don’t consider the skillsets of John Gibson from the Anaheim Ducks. His presence is dominating, evident by being ranked 3rd in the National Hockey League’s goaltenders. It’s estimated that his saving percentage was 91% in 2020/21. However, most aren’t considering the additional saves that were made throughout the playoffs. When you account those saves into the average, Gibson is ranked higher than any other goalie. This means he’ll be a viable choice for betting in 2021/22.