NHLs Best Defenseman for Betting in 2021

NHLs Best Defenseman for Betting in 2021 - partycasino

Sportsbooks worldwide have become an innovative form of entertainment as nations like the United States & the United Kingdom continue to regulate this betting landscape. It's alleviated concerns regarding the validity of online gambling for millions of gamblers. As such, players are focused on creating strategies that'll initiate numerous payouts. This requires consumers to select their preferred betting option, whereby an interest in the National Hockey League has flourished with sportsbook enthusiasts. 

These individuals question which defensemen, forwards, goalies, and wingers are suited for strategies. It’s difficult to assess unless bettors watch hockey themselves. For those that don’t watch the NHL, an analysis of the four highest-ranked defensemen is listed below.

  • Victor Hedman – Tampa Bay Lightning

Defensemen in the National Hockey League will switch organizations numerous times in their career. That hasn’t been the reality for Victor Hedman, who’s played with the Tampa Bay Lightning since the 2009/10 NHL Season. This defenseman has acquired the Conn Smythe Trophy, been a finalist for the Norris Trophy on four occasions and was ranked the 2019/20 NHL Playoffs MVP. His ranking in the league rivals John Carlson’s & Zdeno Chara, making him a viable betting selection for sportsbook enthusiasts. 

  • Roman Josi – Nashville Predators

Registered bettors wanting a reliable defenseman betting option are primed to select Roman Josi, ranked 4th in overall points. He’s played nearly two hundred games throughout his career, averaging one goal-on-net per game. For those considering Roman, he’ll play a guaranteed 25 Minutes against any opposing team & has already been resigned by the Nashville Predators for next year. He’ll be a reliable option whenever a Nashville Predators game unfolds. 

  • Cale Makar – Colorado Avalanche 

There isn’t any defenseman more compelling than Cale Makar, who acquired the Calder Trophy in his rookie season by obtaining fifty points over 57 Games. He is younger than anyone else on this list, with an average goal scoring percentage of 91%. As such, bettors selecting the Colorado Avalanche’s should impose moneylines on Cale Makar. It’ll prompt an assortment of payouts over the 2021/22 NHL Season.  

  • Alex Pietrangelo – Vegas Golden Knights

Sportsbook enthusiasts that want a darkhorse selection should consider Alex Pietrangelo. His performances in recent seasons have shocked analysts, as Pietrangelo has obtained 103 Points over 159 Games. It enables his average ice-time to sustain 24+ minutes per game. This means when wagering against or in support of the Vegas Golden Knights, Alex Pietrangelo should be considered with strategic wagers.

Final Recommendations

Deciphering which defensemen will initiate payouts with Moneylines, Props, Futures, or Pucklines isn’t daunting. All that’s required is for consumers to start research campaigns on various teams in the National Hockey League. It’s recommended that readers select the highest-ranking organizations in the NHLs West & North Divisions. This will include the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Toronto Maple Leaf’s, Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, and Anaheim Ducks. These outfits were previously struggling to oppose other teams years back. Luckily, changes in coaching & lineups have allowed teams like the Maple Leaf’s to flourish in recent years. It’s anticipated that the Maple Leaf’s or Nashville Predators could acquire the Stanley Cup Trophy by 2022/23.