NHL Shootout Betting

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Most bettors interested in the National Hockey League assume matches will conclude within three periods. However, circumstances can change how teams play out games. There could be an additional overtime period that last thirty minutes, whereby if either team hasn't acquired a goal, they'll enter an NHL Shootout. For fanatics that watch NHL Games, Shootouts are considered the most exciting moment for viewing pleasure. 

Arguably these events are even more engaging for anyone registered with an online sportsbook. Why? Because wagering punters are most likely to "put their money where their mouth is" when it comes to how they think Shootouts will affect the game. Here, we offer advice on how to establish superior NHL betting predictions when Shootouts come into play. 

Overtime periods don't sustain the same monetary returns that Shootouts do, as rewards are induced over thirty minutes with Overtimes. That timeframe is decreased tenfold when engaging with Shootouts, which doesn't exceed five minutes. Gamblers couldn't always wager on Shootouts in the past, as the tie-breaking method wasn't introduced until the early 1980s. Since the addition of Shootouts, they've become an integral attribute of NHLs seasonal events.

The 1999 Rule Changes

Sportsbetting enthusiasts got their first introduction to the modernised version of hockey in 1999. That's why NHL executives initialised regulatory changes that'd allow each team to acquire Shootout Points. Previously, shootout periods were designed only to break apart tied games and were not intended to impact the earning of additional points for Conference victory significantly. In terms of betting, it goes without saying that if any team fails to capitalise on their Shootout opportunities, it can lead to losing bets and disillusioned punters. Hence the reason why sports and betting pundits strongly recommend researching the statistical details of each team before engaging with NHL Handicap Betting. 

Gamblers planning to entertain Shootout wagers must account for three variables often not considered. Those variables include: 

  • Tension builds with rivals, creating anticipation for Overtimes or Shootouts. Make sure not to appear flustered when pressure begins building. 
  • Prepare for exciting & immediate shootouts that can see the pacing change in seconds. Cancel wagered funds if preferential teams begin losing. 
  • Initialise Handicaps. Avoid using Futures when betting around Shootouts or Overtimes. 

Circulating rumours indicate that NHL executives could introduce updated legislation to increase the percentage of goals acquired by each organisation. Those rumours began after statistical reports showed scoring percentages had dropped significantly since the 1980s. Despite that, confirmations regarding these rule changes haven't been instituted to date. Therefore, until these changes are officially announced, formulating strategies around Shootouts & Overtimes needn't be changed.

Concluding Thoughts

Engaging with online sportsbooks that provide NHL Streamed Matches is an exciting opportunity for North American enthusiasts. Furthermore, those match betting opportunities aren't limited to punters from Canada or the United States. There'll be promotional betting opportunities for consumers in Europe, Britain, and Asia. It's unsurprising when considering the National Hockey League has grown internationally. Their programs are viewed by millions, prompting global sportsbooks into offering weekly events. Luckily, bettors have months before the next NHL season begins for 2021/22. This means timeframes needed to assess strategies are available.