NHL Double Chance Betting

NHL Double Chance Betting - partycasino

Sportsbook enthusiasts understand that traditional wagers are possible with an assortment of athletic activities. In this environment, Spreads and Moneylines have become some of the most popular and adaptable bet types for a variety of sport. However, betting operators are always on the lookout for new variations of betting to sustain the interest of existing clients and attract new punters. An example would be NHL Double Chance Betting. This gambling method was originally offered for soccer enthusiasts. However, multiple brands adopted this wagering format to Hockey-related venues. 

Betting fans finding themselves intrigued by Double Chances should fully understand the NHL Betting Lines. Why? Because there are three potential payouts associated with this gambling method & two monetary rewards are attainable. Therefore, why choose a bet type that only pays out on one result when there is the option to acquire two prizes with Double Chances. The outcome of those prizes include:

  • The Home and Away Teams sustain a tie. 
  • Home Team
  • Win. 
  • Away Team Win. 

Double Chance Betting also has increased timeframes for payouts, unlike 60-Minute Wagers. That's because overtime periods and shootouts are not excluded from this format of gambling. Therefore, participants have ninety minutes to stand triumphant over their selections. For beginners unaware of how Double Chance Odds are presented with an online sportsbook, it'll be defined by two teams & the possible outcomes. An example includes a Washing Capitals vs New York Islanders Matchup managed via the Plus/Negative odds system. As such, the possible results include: 

  • -500 Odds to Win – New York Islanders
  • +500 Odds to Win - Washing Capitals
  • +110 Odds of Draw – Washington Capitals & New York Islands. 

Both teams reaching the same score prompts drawn wagers. As such, team selection under these circumstances doesn't matter. Both players will lose unless they've preemptively determined that draws are inevitable. That's why it is always advisable to gain as much information on the weekly matchups in the National Hockey League. Reviewing NHL sportsbetting tips makes deciphering the superior NHL betting picks easier, even when drawn events are plausible. 

Those interested in this type of betting can look for operators with an appropriate online promotion. It is then possible to see the value of Double Chance, without having to invest as much as one would typically have to. It is not unusual for online bookmakers to even offer a free Double Chance to new and/or existing customers up to a specific value. Furthermore, betting strategies 

can be formulated that incorporates Double Chance to maximise returns on funds staked across one match or a series of events in a particular time period.

Admittedly, Double Chance is not one of the most popular bet types when punters are looking to bet on NHL games. However, there is no doubt that the bet type is good value for money when used correctly within a well informed, solid betting strategy.