NHL 2021 Playoffs Update: Toronto is Defeated by Montreal

NHL 2021 Playoffs Update: Toronto is Defeated by Montreal - partycasino

Another postseason has passed for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and they've failed to reach the Stanley Cup next series. It's unsurprising for loyal supporters of the Ontario-based NHL team, as the Maple Leafs haven’t acquired the league’s top prize in decades. There could’ve been a different outcome if John Tavares wasn’t injured in game one. Luckily, Toronto won an additional two games against the Montreal Canadiens before losing four consecutive matches. It’s an unfortunate result for older supporters who hadn’t seen Toronto compete against Montreal in 43 Years. 

The Canadiens are moving forward to the next series, competing against the Edmonton Oilers. As for Toronto, their head coach will strategize how the Leafs can avoid repeating history. It's the 8th time that Toronto has lost a series-clinching game, with the team recently losing series-clinching games in 2018 & 2019. These fresh losses could eliminate support from fans in the 2021/22 NHL Season

Montreal dominated Toronto, with their top players acquiring goals in each period while the Canadien's goaltender blocked 30 of 31 Shots. This prompted the Leafs to lose Game Seven after winning this series's first, second, and third matches. The defence couldn't stop Brendan Gallagher, Correy Perry, or Tyler Toffoli from scoring on Toronto's net. The outcome could've been different if Jake Muzzin or John Tavares was permitted to compete in Game Seven.  

If Toronto had won the playoff series, it would’ve marked their first victory since 2004. The Maple Leafs remain the longest-standing team without a playoff series victory or Stanley Cup. Some would say it’s a curse, one that’ll never be broken for Toronto. For supporters of Montreal that want to witness the North Division Finals, the Canadiens and Oilers will start their series on June 2nd.

Montreal’s Best Players

There were two athletic personalities that thrived during Game Seven for Montreal. That included goaltender Carey Price & forward Brendan Gallagher. Both men displayed skillsets that'll create concern for the remaining playoff teams. That's because Price maintained an impenetrable net during the series final with Toronto. Only William Nylander acquired a goal for the Leafs. When questioned about his performance throughout the 7th match, Carey Price stated it was his best game of the 2020/21 NHL Season. 

Montreal’s Brendan Gallagher has remained a critical component in the team's offence during 2020/21. His performances have created challenges for any goalie, that was until the playoffs began. Supporters of the Canadien's were surprised that Gallagher wouldn't score once against Toronto throughout the initial six games. He'd break the bad luck on May 31st after scoring on Toronto’s net.  

Gallagher wouldn’t have acquired that second-period goal without the assistance of Jack Evans & Phillip Danault. It’s anticipated Montreal will employ the efforts of these three men throughout the second series against Edmonton, as they’ve shown capabilities to break any defence, including the Oilers. 

Montreal's supporters can begin watching this series on June 2nd. Our viewers can watch the series on the following channels:

  • America – ESPN, NBC Sports.
  • Canada – TSN, CBC
  • Europe – NHL Subscription Package