NBA Games You Shouldn't Miss in Week 19 - First List

NBA Games You Shouldn't Miss in Week 19 - First List - partycasino

As the All-Star weekend came to an end, it is time for the NBA teams to shift their focus to the rest of the season. The fans are in for a treat in Matchday 19, as there are several games that deserve the attention and the cheers.

The NBA action returns this Thursday, and in this article, we will cover just a few games that are worth mentioning. Here are some of the NBA matches that you shouldn't miss this week without further ado.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors

If we are judging by the standings in the Western Conference, we would say that this will be an easy game for the Warriors. But recent form, as we know, is a crucial factor for every team that wishes to win come out as winners.

Golden State is the absolute favourite for this game, but it won't be easy for them as they have only one win in their last five games. With that, they lost valuable points and are now falling behind the Suns, which are the first-placed team in the Western Conference.

On the other hand, Portland has shown some incredible performances in recent games, achieving four straight wins that might be crucial for their pursuit of the Playoffs. The team's forms make this game even more interesting, and that is why it is a must-watch.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Phoenix Suns

This is a highly anticipated game mostly because of the amazing performances that we've seen so far from the Suns. In their last nineteen games, they've failed to win only in one game and are now in a winning streak that is on for seven games, with a high potential to make it to eight games.

As for Oklahoma, they are sitting second to last in the Western Conference and are looking for a way to book a place at the Playoffs, which seems like an impossible job, judging by their form this season.

One interesting fact about this team is that Phoenix has only one away win against Oklahoma in the past 11 years, which took place was last season, in a game that finished with a 3 point margin in favour of the Suns. Either way, the away team is a clear favourite for this game, but let’s wait and see.

Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Lastly, a game from the Eastern Conference has the potential to provide the fans with the action that they seek from an NBA game. The Pistons aren't having the best season in their lifetime, as they sit second to last on the table with almost zero chances of getting into the Playoffs.

Cleveland, on the other hand, is the third in the Eastern Conference, with a potential to go on top, as well as losing the spot to the 1/8 finals. Having lost their last two games, the Cavaliers now have a perfect chance to get back on track.