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Sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes for bettors. NBA betting is a favourite because it is fast-paced and has the potential for a high pay-out. Most bettors use NBA betting systems, which are methods used to decide on which bets to place. Betting systems are a set of rules that can be applied to all NBA games. Each betting system will have a specific bet amount or change the amount depending on your winnings. 

There are different types of betting strategies, and these can be divided into three categories. These categories are insurance betting, negative progressions and positive progressions. Insurance bets require you to decrease your bet after you lose to protect your funds. Positive progressions can be used with any bankroll, and negative progressions require a larger bankroll and can be more risky than positive progressions.

The High Totals System

This is one of the most straightforward systems to use. It was created by professional sports-betting professional Allen Moody, who wrote Becoming a Winning Gambler and Sports Betting Basics. In this book, he found that sportsbooks tend to misjudge game totals when it comes to non-conference games in the NBA. He used this to his advantage and started taking the over on all games that had an over/under with a total of 220 points. Using this strategy from 2004-2009, Moody was right 63.5% of the time. 

Those games were rare during the early 2000s, but they are becoming more popular now when teams are scoring more three-pointers and increasing their pace. In the 2004-05 season, teams were scoring averages of 9702 points per game compared to the 2016-17 season, where teams were scoring an average of 105.6 points per game.

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The Martingale Betting System

Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of basketball betting can tell you that the Martingale betting system is one of the best systems to use, not just for basketball but for an array of other sports and casino games. The system was introduced in the 18th century by John Henry Martingale. 

The only issue with using the Martingale betting system is that it requires punters to have a large bankroll to use the system appropriately. Those who use the system on basketball are obligated to double the size of their stakes after they have suffered a loss. They are also required to make a reset of the stakes after they win. It may be one of the dicier betting systems to use, but gambling fanatics see it as a high risk, high reward.

The D’Alembert Betting System

The D’Alembert Betting system resembles that of the Martingale betting system because it gives punters the opportunity to win back all the money they lost. However, there is a difference between the two systems. Those who use the D’Alembert betting system in the NBA are able to progressively recover their money all at once. The benefit for basketball wagerers is that they are less likely to lose their bankroll all at once. This system may not be able to give out huge winnings, but it is a great way to go about NBA betting without taking too many risks.

The Paroli Betting System

Many NBA bettors take to the Paroli betting system because it provides them with a more likely opportunity to make a considerable profit. When using this system, bettors need to consider the size of their bankroll and their base stake. A principle about this betting system is that wagerers are required to double the amount wagered after they have already won a previous bet. The most significant benefit to the Paroli betting system is that it is easy to use and understand, meaning it could benefit all types of gamblers. Even those trying to gamble on a tight budget can use this system while being able to generate small wins on a consistent basis.

Kelly Criterion

Kelly Criterion is the use of a mathematical formula that helps you determine the amount of money you should put on the line per a single stake. This is another favourite NBA betting system because it provides a balance between risk and reward. This means that NBA bettors are able to reduce the odds of wasting their entire bankroll and instead capitalise on their winning stakes.  The hardest part of this system is that bettors need to produce the probability of their stake developing into either a winning or losing one. This is because you would make larger stakes because you stand a bigger chance of winning. The Kelly Criterion formula is ((B x P) – Q) / B. The P shows the chances of your stake winning, Q demonstrates the chances of your stake losing, and B represents the multiple of your stake and the chance to sweep. With the use of the method, you are able to make your winnings beat your losses which is incredibly beneficial to bettors.

The Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci betting system is aimed at helping bettors after they have suffered a loss. The system requires bettors to increase their wager after they have suffered a loss. NBA bettors are drawn to this system because it is simple to use. Gambling fanatics need to continuously increase their stakes when using this system, even if they have suffered a losing wager. Reason being that this system allows you to win back the money you have lost on your previous two bets. 

A specific sequence needs to be memorised when using this method. The sequence begins with 0, and in order to progress to the next set of numbers, you need to add the previous two numbers. The Fibonacci sequence would be as follows: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so forth. An essential factor to take note of is that each of the numbers mentioned signifies the number of units you should stake. 

When NBA betting systems are utilised correctly, they allow bettors to reap big advantages. The use of these systems also gives NBA bettors a sense of structure when advancing in a gambling venture. Basketball lovers are fortunate as they have a large variety of systems at their disposal.

NBA Futures Betting

The NBA season is around six months long and runs from December to May. Futures betting markets start a month after the season closes. NBA Futures betting refers to bets made against future basketball events. You typically bet less on futures and NBA totals, but the payouts are generally more than normal bets. The futures betting market is made up of player and NBA team futures. 

Popular NBA Future Bets 

Team-based Futures Picks 

  • Conference or Division Winner

The NBA is divided into two conferences; each conference has three divisions made up of five teams. The Eastern Conference is divided into the Atlantic, Central and Southeast divisions. The Western is divided into the Northwest, Pacific and Southwest divisions. Division alignment is not a significant factor in the NBA, and winners within each division only have a slight edge in the postseason. Winners in each division have to place in the 4th seed or above at the end of the season. This rule benefits the weaker division winners since it can bump them up by one or two spots. 

  • NBA Championship

NBA Championship futures betting is based on long odds. The earlier you place your bet in the season, the higher your payment will be in the postseason. It is best to bet during the preseason or early in the regular season. Generally, the preseason favourite does not get the results that the media expects them to, so it is best to do your own research. 

  • Playoffs

A popular bet is who will make the NBA playoffs when the season begins. The 2020-21 season is following a different format than previous seasons. Before, it was the top eight spots that would go into the playoffs, but now there is the play-in tournament. In the Play-in tournament, the top 6 have a guaranteed spot in the tournament, while the 7th-10th seeds compete in a competition for the last two places.

NBA Futures for Players

Bets can be placed on players that will be winning awards for the season. These awards include Rookie of the year, Most improved player of the season, Most valuable player, Defensive player and many more. Some futures will focus on specific things that can happen during games, and this changes depending on which sportsbook you choose. This can include possible suspensions, retirement and players that could be traded.

NBA Futures betting is generally a favourite among bettors since all you need to do is pick the favourites for each season. The NBA is mainly a favourites league, and the favourites rarely disappoint. Based on the history of the NBA, the best bet for newcomers to futures betting is to pick the favourites for your bets. Since you bet early in the season and will only receive the payout at the end, futures betting is generally low maintenance but still high reward. This makes it great for people who do not have free time to keep track of stats throughout the season.