Meatball Molly Facing Step Up At UFC 281

Meatball Molly Facing Step Up At UFC 281 - partycasino

Molly McCann, more commonly referred to as Meatball Molly, has enjoyed an excellent year in the UFC, recording back-to-back knockouts with her now trademark spinning elbow. She’s also earned herself a Rolex watch from rapper Drake and become friends with the iconic Conor McGregor. But the year is far from over, and she’s now set to make the step up at UFC 281.

The Erin Blanchfield Fight

McCann, who is a former Cage Warriors champion, is scheduled to fight Erin Blanchfield on the undercard of the Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira bout at Madison Square Garden on November 12. And this will represent the Liverpudlian’s toughest test to date, with twenty-three-year-old Blanchfield one of the top flyweights around. In ten fights, she’s collected nine wins.

Erin Blanchfield - partycasino

What makes Cold Blooded an even tougher test is her current six-fight winning streak that includes some serious victories. She’s beaten the likes of JJ Aldrich, Kay Hansen and Miranda Maverick. So, Blanchfield will be heading into UFC 281, confident she can inflict defeat on McCann and stop the Meatball Molly hype train in its tracks. 

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett, aka Paddy the Paddy, has been alongside his friend and gym partner McCann all the way. They fought at the O2 together twice this year, but it’s unlikely the duo will both appear at UFC 281. There is a determination from UFC supremo Dana white to get Paddy the Baddy to the US to make his debut, but at present, the twenty-seven-year-old feels he could see a large portion of his paycheque disappear because of tax.

Speaking about the possibility of fighting in New York and going along with White’s plans, Pimblett said, “I’m not fighting in New York, end of. I’m not getting robbed by the taxman.” So, while his close friend’s next move is mapped out, where Paddy the Baddy will appear next remains an unknown. However, White will be keen to capitalise on Pimblett’s recent success as soon as possible, and the desire will remain for him to become a mega start in the US.

McGregor Showing The Way

What Pimblett, alongside McCann, has been able to achieve is not just success inside the octagon but outside it too. You can look at the likes of McGregor, who brought millions of eyes to the sport because of his personality and antics, and Pimblett and McCann are following a very similar path, which has made them both of huge importance to White and the UFC.

The UFC and MMA are already big in the UK, but since Pimblett and McCann joined the UFC, the interest has gone up tenfold, as shown by the sell-out shows at the O2 Arena. If McCann comes through her test against Blanchfield, she will catapult herself into the headlines once again and announce her arrival as a big star in the US. And when Pimblett follows, the duo could become the face of the organisation.