Factors to Consider for MLB Betting

Factors to Consider for MLB Betting - partycasino

If you've been eying up the baseball matches and considering having a flutter, there are plenty of games to choose from. With a schedule that's packed compared to other sports, baseball squeezes in 162 games every season.

But before you go ahead and place your bet, what are the factors you should consider? Here’s a look at how to bet on MLB games strategically.

Left vs Right

Knowing the composition of right and left-handed players is a piece of information that will be useful when placing a bet. Some batters may prefer to take a ball from a right-handed pitcher, while others will naturally prefer calls from a left-handed pitcher. The same applies to pitchers; some have better records against the left or right-handed batters.

You'll need to delve deep into the stats to find this information, but you should be able to ascertain how players perform with others who are either right or left-handed.


If the team has had to endure a long road trip to reach the game destination, there may affect their performance in the game. If an MLB team is travelling to the opposite coast, it may take them a few days before they adjust to the time change and are able to give their best performance.

It's not just the changes in the time zone that can influence the outcome of a game. When a team has been away on a road trip, their final match is sometimes known as a "getaway game". This is because the players just want to get the game over with so they can return home; this can result in a performance that is sub-par.

Park Record

Just like some athletic tracks are "fast", some baseball grounds are more naturally tuned to either pitchers or batters. Every pitch has its own record, which is usually influenced by factors such as climate, size and height of outfield fences. 

Parks that are renowned for being pitcher-friendly include Safeco Field in Seattle, Petco Park in San Diego and Dodger Stadium in LA.

Parks that are renowned for being batter-friendly include Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Rangers Park in Arlington and Fenway Park in Boston.


The weather and climatic conditions can influence the outcome of a game more heavily than you might realise. 

The ball travels further in hotter weather so that the temperature will have more of an effect than just fatiguing players more quickly. If it's sunny, the time of the game may be significant if the position of the sun could impact how well the ball can be seen. Some batters perform better at night, and so if the game is due to be held on a sunny day, you could reasonably expect them not to turn in their best scores.

It's not just the sun; the wind should be considered too. A heavy wind could be a problem for both pitchers and batters, but don't forget to check the direction. If it's behind the batter, the ball is likely to be hit further, but if it's behind the pitcher, the batter will be at a disadvantage.