Drew Brees Surprisingly Out as NFL Analyst After Only a Single Season on NBC

Drew Brees Surprisingly Out as NFL Analyst After Only a Single Season on NBC - partycasino

One of the most legendary quarterbacks in NFL history, Drew Brees, was a familiar face on NBC’s Sunday Night Football for the past year. The popular studio thought that he was an excellent replacement to Cris Collinsworth for the show, but a season later, Brees is out.

The news shocked NFL fans to the core. Should he have been let go so quickly? It may not be a lopsided decision. Brees himself said that he preferred doing the “Football Night in America” studio show, with NBC not having many games to offer. Still, he also tweeted that while his NBC future is in limbo, there are great possibilities up front, and we’re looking forward to them.

“Undecided” on the Future

As soon as the story broke out, media outlets started speculating on Brees' future with NBC. He had to respond quickly, tweeting that he was currently undecided. The 43-year-old former quarterback answered a bit sarcastically, saying he might work for NBC again, he might unretire, or play on the senior golf tour. "I'll let you know", he ended the tweet.

For some NFL fans, the news wasn’t that much of a surprise. Drew Brees’ first season as an NBC football analyst had its ups and downs. However, we must all admit that he faltered in the Bengals-Raiders playoff game, with poor performance on his part cited as one of the main reasons for his early ‘retirement’.

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He still got a lot of love, and all the support will undoubtedly play a part if another studio decides to pick him up. Fox plans to fill the top analyst positions for its NFL games, and while Tom Brady is the first pick, he won't do it until he's retired. That leaves a lot of space open for Brees.

Fox has the Superbowl twice in the next three years, and has already opened talks with Greg Olsen. He still hasn’t signed anything, and while the company has stayed mum on Brees, such a move is not impossible.

A Team-Up with Davis and Amin on Team 2?

If Olsen fills the Superbowl booth spot, Drew Brees may be an excellent pick for the No. 2 team as the new colleague to Joe Davis or Adam Amin. This team calls the shots on playoff games. Last year, he had a similar job calling NFL games on Sunday Night Football. The two shows are entirely different in tone, but Brees could have another shot.

Amazon is another possibility for Brees, although the chances are slim as of right now. It remains to be seen where Brees lands, but we’re sure there’s a contract for him. We don’t know if he can match his TV show success with his career. 

He spent 20 years in the NFL, splitting time between the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints. Hailed as one of the greatest QBs of all time; he won Superbowl XLIV and won the MVP as well.