Do You Follow Any of These Common NFL Superstitions?

Do You Follow Any of These Common NFL Superstitions? - partycasino

Watching the NFL can be frustrating because although you're emotionally invested, you can't actually do anything to influence the outcome of the play. It's even more aggravating if you're involved with NFL betting, as you could financially lose out if your team performs poorly.

The way that some fans manage their big-game nerves is by following certain superstitions. Here are some of the most common NFL superstitions - take a look and see if any of them sound familiar!

Sitting in a Lucky Spot

Have you ever been watching a game and been applauding your team's winning performance, gotten out of your seat to get a drink and watched them suddenly start to collapse? It may sound slightly bonkers, but it's hard not to draw a conclusion from the two events, leading to the belief that there's a lucky seat for every viewer. 

Whether you're at the ground, at home or even watching in a bar, you'll quickly find the sweet spot which you feel gets you a good result. And once you find it, you can't take the chance of moving! That means no matter how much you want a drink or the bathroom, you have to stay right where you are so you don't jinx the outcome. 

Conversely, if your team keeps on losing, you’ll carry on moving around, getting drinks or generally leaving the room and returning just to try and find your own personal lucky spot…sound familiar?

Eating the Right Food

One time before a big game, you may have eaten a particular meal or snack. You can remember precisely what it was and how much you ate - these details are critical. Your team went on to win the game, and voila! A new tradition was born. 

You now feel unable to watch a game without eating that EXACT meal beforehand. If it was crunchy peanut butter on toast, then smooth peanut butter won’t do. If you ate 12 wings, then you won’t get the same result by eating 11 or 13 wings!

Eating the “right” amount of food from the lucky place is a superstition that some fans find hard to break.

A Lucky Omen

This is much more of a general rule as a lucky omen could be quite literally anything. They all have in common the belief that they bring the team good luck on the day. 

It could be a traditionally lucky token such as a horseshoe or rabbit's foot or something more sentimental such as an autographed card. There are lucky talismans of all shapes and sizes, and those that use them feel utterly bereft if they don't have them while watching a game.

One distinct subtype of this category is lucky clothing. It may be your favourite club shirt or maybe a baseball cap with their logo on. Some individuals get a little more personal by having lucky underwear that they must wear when their team is playing!