NHL Olympic Games: IOS Gives Verbal Confirmation

NHL Olympic Games: IOS Gives Verbal Confirmation - partycasino

For months, executives that organize the National Hockey League’s participation in the Olympics haven’t provided a definitive answer regarding players being cleared to compete in the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games. That could change pending an official agreement with the IOC, which has provided a verbal confirmation to date. 

Delegations between the National Hockey League and International Olympic Committee were halted when requests insisted the NHL compensate for travel & insurance. These discussions could be moving forward as the IOC has verbally agreed to fund players competing for the NHL

Lawyers from both organizations will continue these discussions to outline the contact. Both parties have confirmed that there'll be no official documents until a mutual ground is found. Despite that, it's been guaranteed an agreement will be reached before Winter 2022.

The Progression

There's been minimal progression between lawyers, as the corporate relationship between the IOC and NHL has weakened since 2016. It's forced North America's top players to avoid contention in the Olympics, including Connor McDavid and Auston Mathews. These individuals have rallied for an agreement to be reached, representing their nations on the global stage. 

The corporate responsibility that NHL Executives have to America and Canada outweighs their international obligations. In North America, there’s been a continued call to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games because of Uighur Muslims' Chinese Communist Parties treatment. However, removing Beijing as the headlining location has been expelled from discussions. The logistical challenges associated with that unexpected change would offset the finances available for IOCs 2026 Olympic Winter Games. 

Executives & Lawyers employed by the NHL have a deadline of February 4th, 2022, to reach an agreement with the IOC. For this agreement to be called, the National Hockey League will forgo their top players that travel to China. It requires a delay in seasonal events, possibly causing fiscal concerns amongst team owners and executives. Those financial matters were considered and caused the NHL to exclude players from competing in the 2018 Olympics.

NHLs Olympic History

The International Olympic Committee allowed NHL athletes to compete in the 1998 Winter Games. When that decision was first confirmed, administrative leaders had an initial reluctance to prohibit players from competing. Most team owners argued they weren't paying millions in salary for half their players to disappear mid-season. The outcries of owners weren't heard, prompting the NHLs continued participation in the Olympics until 2016. 

When the NHL began participating in the Olympics, they adjusted their seasonal schedules to account for an athlete’s month-long disappearance every four years. These changes were approved by executives & owners, allowing players to join one of six teams. In the 1998 Winter Olympic Games, supporters of the NHL witnessed their favourite players competing for Canada and the United States on an international level. These men also competed for Finland, Russia, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Every one of those teams acquired an Olympic Gold or Silver Medal thanks to the inclusion of NHL players, leading international players to encourage the NHL's return.

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