It’s Time For Some Knockout Action With PartyPoker

It’s Time For Some Knockout Action With PartyPoker - partycasino

It’s Time For Some Knockout Action With Party

PartyPoker are one of the biggest poker operators around, and their tournaments and events have become iconic over the years. One tournament that stands out is the KO Series, and poker fans will be pleased to know the time has come to prepare for some more knockout action.

The KO Series at PartyPoker returns on Friday 21st January, and it will run until Monday 7th February. So, punters have seventeen days in total to get involved and try and secure a prize for themselves.

And, as always, PartyPoker ensures the KO Series is one that everyone can enjoy, regardless of how big their bankroll is. Punters can secure their place from as little as $0.01 via satellite, or they can buy in from $1.10. But, of course, if you want to buy in at a bigger price, you’re more than welcome to, with the range going as high as £1,050.

As you will imagine, or know if you have taken part in the KO Series before, all the tournaments that will take place will do so in a progressive knockout style. Naturally, therefore, those finishing at the top end are going to receive payouts, which is excellent, but expected.

However, if you’re a good player and you manage to knock a few of your rivals out, you won’t only receive a cash prize, but the bounty on your head will increase. You can also effectively act as a bounty hunter, aiming to KO those with the big money prices to their name.

During the KO Series, players will also have the opportunity to win tournament tickets worth up to a stunning $1,050 in a matter of minutes, thanks to KO Series Spins. If punters manage to grab some free tickets, they could go on to turn them into a big cash prize by performing well at the poker table.

Carl Froch - partycasino

After securing twenty-four of them from his thirty-five professional bouts, PartyPoker Ambassador Carl “The Cobra” Froch knows all about knockouts. He’s undoubtedly one of Britain’s top pound for pound stars of all time and is renowned for his strong chin, durability and never say die attitude.

And, while Froch, 44, is still in and around boxing, he’s also preparing to land a few more knockout blows. But this time, at the poker table. The Nottingham-born former super-middleweight world champion has been working on his poker skills for a while and sees the KO Series as the perfect opportunity to get a win, and some more KOs, under his belt.

As a former professional boxer, it will come as no surprise to hear that Froch enjoys the knockout format events, suggesting they’re positive as they “give you a chance to take some money home even if you don’t make it to the latter stages of the tournament.”

So, the only question that remains is, have you got what it takes to take a seat at the table and handle everything a knockout series can throw at you, including the potential of facing off against Carl “The Cobra” Froch?