Who Will Win the Champions League?

Who Will Win the Champions League? - partycasino

Now that the quarterfinal fixtures have been announced, all eyes are on the biggest favourites. Every football fan has their beloved club, while neutral sports fans certainly have a winner in mind. So do bookmakers, who have already ousted the CL favourites' odds months earlier. With things steaming up, it's becoming clearer which teams are closer to the title than before.

The overall belief is that Manchester City has the upper hand. However, the Last 16 stage showed that no teams are strongly favoured, as Real Madrid proved in the masterclass against PSG. With only eight teams left in the running, here's what we think about each team's chances.

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Manchester City

City are increasingly looking like the bookie and fan-favourites to lift the CL trophy. It's been a long time coming, yet the blue part of Manchester is still without a Champions League title. There's a strong belief that another failure would spell the end of Guardiola's reign and possibly the project, so the Citizens will surely push hard for the title.


Liverpool is just behind City to lift the trophy by the bookies. The team is just a few years removed from Champions League glory, and with Van Dijk back in the team, it surely has the arsenal it needs. It's a tricky quarterfinal match against Benfica, but the Klopp-led squad has the quality to lift the trophy.

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Bayern Munich

If there's one team that can challenge City and Liverpool to the title, it's Bayern. The well-oiled German machine is led by the incredible Robert Lewandowski, who's bagging goals like it's nothing. If you ask us, these three teams should have matching odds.

Real Madrid

Paris Saint Germain was a favourite against Madrid and were demolished in less than 20 minutes. Sure, Real's best days in Europe may be over (for now), but the team is comfortably leading La Liga, and these players know each other perfectly well. Real will be very dangerous, and our pick as the darkhorse among these year's favourites.


Chelsea is in a bit of trouble after Roman Abramovich left, but it's still a powerful team. It can beat anyone starting with Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. No one believed in the reigning champions last year, and they knocked City out. If everyone plays to the best of their abilities, Chelsea has a chance.

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Atletico Madrid

We don't think that Atletico Madrid has a chance for the trophy, but they will surely be robust and a test for any team. Of course, the first obstacle is major – Manchester City. If Simeone outshines Guardiola, who's to say what will follow?


Benfica is probably on its way out after being drawn with Liverpool in the quarters. However, this is a very resilient team that can definitely go all the way if they conjure Porto’s spirit from 2004.


Villareal is a tricky side to play, especially after knocking Juventus out of the competition. Keep an eye on them against Bayern. If the Spanish side progresses, all bets are off.