Pros and Cons of the African Cup on the English Premier League

Pros and Cons of the African Cup on the English Premier League - partycasino

The African Cup, or simply Afcon, is the most exciting sporting event in Africa that every football fan from this continent is waiting for. Over the years, this tournament has provided some exciting matches where smaller countries without a football history would manage to go further than expected.

In the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, we witnessed some very dramatic scenes and plenty of football stars that play at some of the greatest football leagues in the world, including the English Premier League. Below you will read about our view on the African Cup and how it affects the EPL.

Pros of the African Cup on the EPL

As the African Cup of Nations is a highly anticipated football event for all African fans, it is also a chance for all African players, especially the younger ones, to show what they are capable of. English clubs and other European clubs are always on the lookout for talented and cheap players.

We say cheap as the African players are less priced than other players, especially the players that have European passports.

Football scouts from all of the best football clubs are always on the lookout for new talented players, and the Afcon is one of the events where we younger players thrive.

As some EPL clubs might miss their African players at this time of the season, there is always a chance for some younger players from the club's academy to step in and take their place with some great performances.

Cons of the African Cup on the EPL

Since the English Premier League is without a doubt the best and most-watched football league in the world, it attracts top players from every nation, including the African nations. In recent years many of the best African players have joined some of the English clubs and are now one of their star players.

Being a star player at a club means that they are irreplaceable, and the club cannot afford to lose them. The African Cup is a significant problem for the EPL clubs that have African based players in the squad, especially those clubs that feature first-team African players.

These EPL clubs will have to continue with the season without their African players in a crucial period. If the African players go all the way to the final, the clubs will have to play around eight important matches without them.

There is also a serious risk of these players getting injured whilst playing at the African Cup of Nations, or they might even get injured after returning to their EPL clubs.

The players that go all the way to the final have the most chances of getting injured after the end of the Afcon, as they play high-intensity matches without a break.

Some wealthy clubs may even look to spend additional funds to find replacements for the absent players, which is always a gamble, as the new players might not fill the shoes of the missing player.