Can Newcastle Survive With Improved Squad

Can Newcastle Survive With Improved Squad - partycasino

Sitting in the relegation zone after completing the half-season, Newcastle will have a tough job to do in the second half of the season if they want to avoid playing in the Championship next season.

For many years the club was on the lookout for a new owner, which finally came this season at a crucial time for the Magpies. Now Newcastle is possibly the wealthiest club in the world, but it has a long way to go as money doesn't bring instant glory in the world of football.

Winter Transfer Period

This winter transfer period Newcastle has spent a staggering £90 million for just five players, which is an insane amount of money in a winter transfer period, especially in a world crisis. Some of the players might look like good signings, while others seem more like panic buys and overpriced players.

The most expensive player that joined the club is Bruno Guimares. He signed for the Magpies for £37.89 million. This player is possibly the biggest surprise for the club and the whole EPL, as many reputable clubs across Europe were fighting for his signature.

Newcastle's management was quite busy in this winter transfer period as they were placing offers to loads of players from different leagues, but the majority of these offers were turned down. The clubs that received these offers didn't want to lose their players mid-season as it is challenging to look for replacements.

Many people that follow the EPL, especially the Magpies fans, expected to see some high profile players join the wealthiest club in the world, but the current state that Newcastle is at the moment, certainly was crucial for the lack of interest from these types of players.

Surviving the Relegation

Since the appointment of their new manager Eddie Howe, the club and players have begun a more sophisticated and modern football approach. But this change of mentality takes time to implement as it requires talented and obedient players that are willing to follow the new approach.

With the players that joined Newcastle in the winter transfer period, it appears that the team's overall quality has been improved, and they are on the right way to fulfilling their season's objective, which is to survive relegation.

When viewing the team's squad on paper, it looks like Newcastle has a decent group of players that can be of great use to their manager Eddie Howe. During the winter transfer period, they managed to sign nearly all the necessary players that were crucial to fill the gaps in the manager's formation.

An advantage for the Magpies is the fact that there are a few clubs that are very close pointwise. This means that Newcastle continues the rest of the season with a much stronger team against their rival clubs that aren't far away on the table.

It surely won't be an easy job for Newcastle to do, but when you compare them with the rest of the clubs that are fighting against relegation, they have the greatest odds to remain in the EPL.